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Sweet Day, feeling His ownership

I don't know where to begin, how to begin, so many thoughts all at once, overjoyed, happy, among others feelings i can't put into words.

I am just going to let it flow, spill it out the way I would as if I was having a conversation, hey, do what works best right?

My heart is beating so fast, my thoughts all over the place and I am trying to gather them all up so I don't sound like I am a bit crazy here lol.

This relationship is getting really serious, it was before but at one point there was a distance and I withdrew, I closed in, became afraid, reluctant.  When he came back I was still reluctant but he is my weakness. 

I feel we have become much closer, we have a deeper bond, a connection, things are getting really heated, at least from where I am standing...he never asks me to do anything, he is my Master, I am his slave, we discussed bondage and some spanking, but that's about has never been put into action and that's where it has stayed. 

Until recently...I noticed that he not only says he owns me but is also showing it, taking control of me, watching over me, taking charge *smiles* I am feeling his ownership and my submission.

I now understand something I tried to deny...i have no escape.

I feel a deep change taking place, some sort of transformation...emtionally, intelectually, physiologically, categorically, deeply and profoundly.
I feel free yet owned, sensual, sexual, erotic, an intense appetite for him, a huge desire to submit and to please him.

Lately when I think of him in our most intimate moments it sets off a certain sensation within, a sensation upon my skin, my flesh, mmmmm the goosebumps, the butterflies, I drift setting of a stir against my most intimate parts and without even touching myself I orgasm, and I can't believe it has happened until I slide my fingers through my slit and the way that it glides so easily from the wetness, my juices, trembling, panting, laying there thinking, wondering how is it possible, how can I feel this way, the reaction of my body and how my mind is stimulated by such deep desires, my mind and my body working together for one purpose, towards one target, the sweetness of knowing he knows me, what makes me tick, and knowing how to use it....mmmmmm....priceless

Love, devotion, the desire to please, to obey, to need and want....mmmmm I love him, I need him, I am so proud to be owned, to belong to him and all my attempts to run from him to deny what I really am, his slave, or simply just his, was a complete waste of time. 

In other news i am not allowed to touch myself, rub myself to cum :/ I have to find other ways, the little horny beast in me took over and in less than 24 hours I had cum 7 times *blushes* but I can't help it...I keep going back to thinking when he asked me to undress and I froze in a way I felt embarrassed, and shy, and I couldn't stop laughing, giggling, and then he said to get my clothes back on, i felt so vulnerable, even after i got dressed I still felt naked before him.  I don't know if he was testing my obedience, or see my reaction or probably both...but when I think of him ordering me, telling me what to do, guiding me, taking charge, his strength and power over me makes me shiver, gets me wet, weak, and yes, extremely horny, and I don't know what I'm going to do, can't touch myself til further notice... *faints*

Oh my, and he says is only the beginning...crap i was suppose to shave and do other little things...ooops, need to go to bed, TMItuesday tomorrow

I'll be up early...

Sincerely Yours

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Jack and Jill said…
Reading about your self-pleasure was really hot. And seven times in 24 hours? Nice!
ALuv said…
hehe, yes, I went a bit overboard but he stopped me.
And 7 times from the time I went to bed until lunch time at work...hehe, I was busy

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