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Update on Resolutions - February

Month two and making some progress...some of my resolutions have disappeared, scratched out of the list actually...some things change...hey, life is a working progress

my Master is helping me out on the procrastination part and I have a feeling that it will fix most of my problems.

1.  Get fit - make and exercise plan and a meal plan and stick to it!! Dancing is my thing and jump rope, need to get my arms and inner thighs tone!!

Lost one tiny pound!!! joined Weight Watchers on-line but moving slow, it is hard to change the way I was eating...actually not eating properly, not eating through the day and munching at night usually before I went to bed.  Started dancing in front of the computer with the webcam on...hahaha!! that's all I have to say...must take care of his temple

2.  Plan a weekly menu.

can't do that, buying the Smart Ones, and weight watchers meals at the moment, I do cook for the kids their regular meals, so far lost one pound, haven't missed any meals, feeling great!

3.  Budget! Budget! Budget!

Caught up on bills, darn medical bills keep creeping up, when I think I am almost out of the hole, BAMM I get another one!! 
I am caught up in everything else :)

4.  Start a Christmas Club account - don't want it to be like 2011, I was not ready or planned

I don't know when I will get to do this one, I actually forgot about it...oopsy, I guess is not that important or a priority 

5.  GET ON THE ROAD - Register my vehicle!    DONE

Been on the road for a month although sharing the vehicle with my mom, sometimes I have to take the train to work but it is better than before

6.  Become a US citizen...yaaayyy

Working on it :) this is a priority and a must!

7.  Visit my family in DR

Not happening this year, as far is my concern.

8.  Organize myself and keep up!

MY ROOM:  OMG this changed from last month.  Talked to my Master 2/23 and the first day I made improvement and have kept it up!! I am so proud of myself.
I am working in continuing to upgrade the apartment, started last year, was motivated because of the baby, but since that didn't happen...I put the paintbrush down and the motivation went down the drain.  Feeling the best I have felt in a long time right now...motivation is back

WORK:  working on it, it has come to a point I don't like my job anymore :( i get so tired of dealing with people.  I need to evaluate this part of my life.

9.  Sit down on a weekly basis and review my goals, accomplishments, where I went wrong, what needs readjustment/improvement.

I did it :) i sat down this week and seen the improvements I have made so far.  and there is much more to come 

10.  Read a book every month!

Still have not picked up a book, lurking and researching...I do want to watch the movie "Secretary" I watched half of it but was unable to stay to finish the rest.
I also watched "The Story of O" twice, that movie was based on a book, so it should count!

11.  Meditate more and learn Tai Chi!!

mmmm meditation, I feel so relaxed, this is something constant with me, it hasn't changed at all, keeping up 5 times a week.  

12. Move to a bigger apartment (this is a maybe, the price for this little place is great, if I can match this price is a done deal)

bot happening.  I have looked around for other places and nothing matches what I pay for here.  Not bad for now.

13.  Travel and make plans for travel :) ... there are so many places I want to visit.

First trip canceled but going to Montreal in March for a birthday party.  I am taking my babygirl with me, my eldest will not go :( she can't take time off work, leaving here the 23rd, coming back the 25!  Is a party bus, birthday celebration for Nana (friends daughter), she is going to be 18.

14.  Socialize more! make new friends, interact a bit more.

Haven't done much, I like to be home, what can I say...aside from a few trips here and there to the mall with the kids, having dinner with mom and sisters nothing interesting, I should change some of that, in due time

meeting people, well, I like the ones I have in my life so far, my online and blog friends are wonderful...and I am happy with that.  

15.  I almost forgot!! Work on my procrastination!! could I almost forget!

Working on it and feeling proud!! Master stepped in and took action with me! a huge difference in just a week!

***New resolutions

16.  Corset training

Looking online for corsets, I found one I liked, its a pretty penny and it seems that they are like that.  I am still interested though.  Not in a rush but it is something I want to do.

17.  Start building my own toy box even if they are not getting used

ordered my first flogger, was suppose to get here Saturday I don't know what happened, will go to the store and check up on that order!! yaaay!!!

18.  Get control of my eating habit and blood pressure!

Master took control of that 2/23, weight watchers full on effect, I do better during the week because of my work schedule, on weekends i am keeping up as well.


I did much better this time around, the first 2 1/2 weeks were a bit shaky, I asked for help, I communicated to him, I told him what I needed, how I felt, how it was affecting me

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
Great job on losing one pound! Yes, I know it isn't much, but a pound is a pound. Losing a pound will encourage you to stick with it and lose more. I imagine that dancing in front of a webcam will provide incentive for you to eat better and work out!

Sorry to hear that you are unable to move into a larger place. We just moved into a smaller place, but at least we own it - we were renting the last one.

Corsets are hot! Fingers crossed that you might treat us to some pictures when you get one.

It's easy to focus only on what you have to accomplish, but I think it's very important to take time to acknowledge what you HAVE accomplished. And you've done that! Good job.

Thanks for the update!
ALuv said…
thank youuu!!!
i can't wait to start the corset and yes, pictures will be posted!!

I am really proud of myself and seen what i have been working on and my accomplishments helps me feel good about myself and my hard work!

again, thank you!!!

ALuv said…
thank youuu!!!
i can't wait to start the corset and yes, pictures will be posted!!

I am really proud of myself and seen what i have been working on and my accomplishments helps me feel good about myself and my hard work!

again, thank you!!!


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