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Eating Healthy - a Way of life

This is killing me, for a few weeks I have been trying to eat healthy foods and the trickiest part; the right portions and the timing...

I love food, even as a child, shit, I am like a chef! i love to cook and experiment with flavors and do my own little creations...

but this is the thing...

While most babies grew up on baby food, not me! not in our culture, specially in the 70's, baby food? baby cereal? you kidding me!! my baby cereal was oatmeal, my first baby food was mashed potato with a soft boiled egg! by 4 months or 5 I was already on rice, beans and meat...Dominicans eat rice, beans and meat, accompanied with fried plantain and salad every single day!

We do vary to black beans and the meat could either be pork chops, chicken, beef...etc...but it is always the same...the rice and the beans are a must!! and also with 5 bucks you can buy a meal at a store and feed 2 people with it as well!

for breakfast we have tripleta, which is mashed plantain, fried cheese, eggs and salami, usually a weekend breakfast or you can buy it at a convenience store near you!! You can buy this for 5 dollars and feed a few people!!

Well this is the thing that is killing me...i am trying to eat healthy but i find myself making two dinners each night...telling me son i am not making him his typical Dominican food is like telling him he needs to give up breathing....i made some spaghetti with octopus and shrimp in sauce...

making the sauce all the condiments and seasoning added; garlic, red peppers, cilantro, oregano, onions and the sauce from the octopus gave it the color

Added the pasta (linguine) stir until everything was nice and mixed

end results, my daughter does not like the red i took it out.

i am trying my best to eat the right things but I am not the only who buys the food here, and it is always a temptation when i look in my kitchen.

It is so hard having to cook this delicious meals, and I know they taste good cause i made it and i love lights eye up when the food conversation comes along, recipes, condiments, seasonings, medicine plants to be able to cure certain things...i just get into it.

i feel like a little farm animal on fruits and veggies!! cut out some of the carbs, i do have sugar in my coffee, i tried to join my Master on that but it didn't last long! about a year, then i broke down, i neeeeed my sugar in my coffee...specially the Spanish coffee, that shit will give you hair on your chest!!

i have tried to bring in the kids on the healthy eating, they kinda of subdue to certain things cause i make it look pretty and colorful and use my natural seasonings, but it is hard for them as much as it is for daughter is helping me through the process but is kinda of hard after I cook and they stand next to me slurping on the food and saying "mom this shit is the bomb diggity!!!"
my first intentions is to snatch the plate of their hands and splurge!!

Call it karma but when i started back up again on Saturday i was weak, i looked at this amazing Portuguese bread that kept calling my name and i responded, i made me a nice chicken, cheese, mayo sandwich grilled on the pan and i was eating with such pleasure i ended up with cuts on the inside of my mouth, on my bottom lip!!!

I think that was a punishment for being weak!!

It is hard to do this, to change my way of eating, my old habits, my 37 years worth of habit!!

If i lived alone it would be an entirely complete story but having to make two meals a night and having the temptation before me is like holding a knife to my throat!! literally!

changing our eating habits is a change of life...I have been struggling it for weeks and also trying to fix other things in my life, getting on track, will be around more often though....
It has not been easy, i do great for a few days and there are days i wish i had a padlock on the refrigerator..

I can go without breakfast and lunch, all day...but when i get home, i have a party in the kitchen, sometimes i would forget to eat all together that day and the next day splurge to make up for the previous day.

I love all types food and willing to try something at least once...

my kids are been very thing i have to be constant on and consistency is one of my worse offenders is get my ass moving and try to exercise...this month i was like on and off at it!! i did more watching Xfinity on Demand the fitness channel, sitting on the couch in order to learn the moves so i can try them later on...ha!! i run from those!

buying the healthy food is more expensive, i try to vary on the things I buy weekly for my "healthy eating" and depending on what it is i share with the kids and they like it, they are not peaky eaters and so grateful for that.

I must come to an agreement with my daughter that she needs to cook and show my son as well how to do so, at the moment they don't want to join me, doing it alone makes it harder, although I do have the support of my Master, he still asks how my eating is doing and if i am complying.  He still very flexible with me *grins* he has his demanding days but he is also very patient and understand me completely and how my little messed up mind works!!

Trying to change my eating habits has been a challenge and will continue to be a challenge until i get adjusted/used it, know the right portions to eat and when...

I am sure I will adapt soon enough...I am ready to do this and so far after messing up and eating that huge sandwich and biting the side of my tongue and my bottom lip I think that was my cue to get myself together.

Lets see how it goes!!

I have so many temptations all over the house is not even funny!!!

but i will not subdue to them!! i am stronger that!! 

:-/ i hope!!

Sincerely Yours



Jack and Jill said…
Great post! We love to eat, and food is a very important part of our lives, almost as much as sex. We appreciate this intimate look into the foods and traditions of the Dominican Republic, and your current eating and exercising habits. :)
ALuv said…
still so hard...changing to a healthy way of eating is one of the hardest things!!

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