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It was a great Week!!

My brother, whom I don't get see often enough, came to visit us last week.

He is in the military, has been to Iraq twice and to Kuwait and at the moment resides in Germany.

My week was dedicated to him, he would drop me off at work in the morning and picked me up every afternoon.  From 2:30 all the way til midnight and sometimes even later I would be at his side :)

He made my daughter his chauffeur so she can practice her driving for an entire week...I think he is going to buy her a car or match her up, they kept going to different dealerships and looking through craigslist and very secretive about it.
The nieces and the nephew idolize him, they think he is the coolest thing to walk on this earth, and he is :) in his own way he is like a kid inside and acts like one at times, hehe.  They have so much fun with him, but he likes to play rough even with the girls, that hasn't changed cause he was the same way with us!...

After having such a wonderful week with him it was time to once again say our "i'll see you later" we never say goodbye, i don't like it, it just sounds so like an end...anyways!!

He left and we are just missing him so much, wish he didn't have to live that far!
Either at the end of the year or next year he will be coming back to the US, of course he is not coming to MA, he says there are many states to explore and gorgeous places, he can always come back to visit the rest of us, although I am contemplating leaving here as well :) i love it here but i also want to explore.

showing the nieces pictures of all his trips around Europe, seems like he really enjoys travelling!! like his big sister *grins*

Doesn't feel the same, but he leaves a sense of me wanting to do things, to travel, to take more risks, to stop dreaming and thinking and just doing it! He is forward, straight out, does not go around the bushes to say things, perhaps it was the Army that made him like that...hehe, but i can tell you one thing, everyone, including my Mom *grins every so wide* are so careful when in his presence, not because of fear, but how he calls people you out, lmao! but it is funny, and could be fun, specially if I am not the victim at the moment

I love my brother :) and I miss him soooo!!

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
Glad to hear you had a nice visit with your brother!
ALuv said…
it was a great Visit! just wished he was here for a longer period of time :(


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