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The New Blogger Dashboard & Other Stuff

At the moment is a total turn off for me...trying to find the buttons and working/navigating my way through it has been like UGH!!
And I don't think is that much appealing either...i guess that is my opinion until i get used to it

I haven't been as active, doing way too much thinking, really busy at work, and although I have blogger at my fingertips through my phone I just don't like the fonts, and i tried to change it and it just doesn't happen...

I have much to catch up, feel like I have missed so going to be a long night for me, I had a large Dunkin Donuts Ice coffee, light with Xtra cream...yummy, so I am a bit wired.

I have so much to say and talk about but i don't want to just ramble it all together in one post, although that is the way i think and talk...pfffft, I go from one subject to another and people just look at me and say "hoooold up, weren't we just discussing about...and all of a sudden we are talking about.....huh? how do they play together? what does one thing have to do with the other?....well, I don't know it was just something that was lingering in the my mind....lmao..yeah...that's me!!!

At least one thing I have been doing is keeping up with my TMI, love it!! as always, awesome questions and the answers are hilarious and can learn so much from many....*grins* taking notes...hehehe

Things with Master are going great although he is very busy at work and now through the weekend on a new project he is working on!!
**Many blessings my Master!!!

On the home front - my daughter is driving more and more, soon she will be ready for her license and I will be almost without a car!! between my mom and her borrowing it, well I guess is back to public transportation!!
My son is going through a stage...he had an anger issue at school in which he went to the bathroom and destroyed school property...he really didn't know what anger issue was until he confronted me...i swear boy took out the ol'style Dominican mother in me!!
I suggested the principal to have him stay after school and have the custodian put him to clean all the bathrooms in the school for as long as it took, which she agreed and will be using as a punishment in the future for other students who decide to do the same!
He is punish at home and I will decide when he gets to see the light of day again, no PS3...father said not to take the phone away because is the only way they can communicate and they do talk several times a day but that is also his way to facebook, was a harsh decision but I had to do it because the father and I agreed on it together..but still, i am not happy about it....

I do hope everyone is doing well, and wishing you all the best weekend!!

this New England weather crazy by the way!! One day summer like summer, next day like winter...

Sincerely Yours


Florida Dom said…
I think the new blogger dashboard is awful. Why change when it makes things worse?

Atiya Luv said…
I completely agree!!!
Jack and Jill said…
Thanks for the updates! We first used the Blogger dashboard in October, sometime after the option to try it out became available. Like you, we didn't like it at all. But the first post we composed in the new interface was so image-intensive - I'm talking thirty pictures or more - that there was literally no way we could have formatted it correctly in the old interface. We quickly got used to it, and never looked back.
Dee said…
If you're anything like me, change doesn't come mega easily. Glad everything is going well, and I think your sons punishment is very original lol, I'm sure it'll be a good lesson.

Dee x
lil said…
I totally feel you on the new dashboard. I hate it with a passion.
Atiya Luv said…
@JackandJill I am sure I will get used to it. I just have to play with it a little more.

@Dee I love change, is adapting that I am having an issue here with *grins* isn't that almost the same thing.

@lil will take sometimes to get used it, but I still don't like it at all!!

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