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TMI Tuesday ~Love, Hate, and Guilty Secrets~

Today’s fun TMI Tuesday questions were submitted by Jz from “A Reluctant Bitch” blog. Enjoy!
Love, Hate, and Guilty Secrets. We never mind telling people about things we love or hate, but how about the things we love, but would hate for anyone to find out about?

Well, it’s time to free yourself of that fear!

For each of the categories below, list one thing you love, one that you hate, and then, take a deep breath and tell us something you hate to admit you love.


You’ll feel better for it!

1. Food
I love my spanish food (rice, beans, meat, salad, platanos)
I hate Peanut Butter     
My guilty secret is Nuts!!!

2. Apparel
I love long dresses
I hate Underwear
My guilty secret is stockings

3. Books
I love eye of the dragon by Stephen King     
I hate can't relate, if a book doesn't call my attention i just don't buy it
My guilty secret is lurking!

4. Songs
I love Take my breath away      
I hate Ain't no sunshine - urks me!!!! "Bill Withers"
My guilty secret is love songs

5. Movie
I love the fifth element
I hate nothing comes to mind at the moment
My guilty secret is/was horror movies

6. TV Show
I love Criminal Intent
I hate Ren & Stimpy _
My guilty secret is cartoon network

7. Celebrity Crush
I love Johnny Depp
I hate nobody!
My guilty secret is Ashton Kutcher

8. Music Group
I love LOL, New kids on the block "you got the right stuff baby!!"
I hate Hanson brothers "is more like a love/hate...I still sing their song! MMMbop ba du ba dop
My guilty secret is New Edition

9. Sports Team
I love Boston all the way "Celtics, Red Sox (even when they suck), Patriots, Bruins" Go Boston!!
I hate sports
My guilty secret is the playoffs!

Bonus:Sex Position or Sex Act or fetish
I love to be on top "cause I am that good", work it baby!
I hate 69 "sixty-nine" what a waste
My guilty secret is Blow Jobs, sucking, mouth milking...suck suck suck!! yummy...

How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we'll all know where to read your responses.
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Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
Love your answers! It was fun reading them and seeing what we have in common. I hated peanut butter when I was a kid, though in recent years I've grown to enjoy it once in awhile. It's the kind of thing where if I eat too much of it in too short a time period I will hate it and won't eat it again for a decade.

I like "Ain't No Sunshine" as to me it's a pretty good sad song and I like listening to those once in awhile. But as far as Bill Withers goes "Lovely Day" is my favorite. It's the total opposite of "Ain't No Sunshine".

I'm a big horror fan and I've passed that along to Jill. I like the older stuff much more than the new stuff though.

Ren and Stimpy was one of Jill's favorite shows back when it was popular (although she says in this week's TMI Tuesday that she hates CatDog because it's stupid - go figure). I've seen maybe three episodes and never got the appeal.

Oh, and the Patriots is our second favorite team! Granted, we liked them a lot better when they won Super Bowls. ;)
ALuv said…
maybe i should have given an explanation on my answers...LOL
Peanut butter - I ate too much of it as a kid, and when i was pregnant for my first daughter is all is all i ate for like three months, I eat it maybe once in a blue moon...

Ainto no the part of I know, i know, i know...uuuurks me!! ok, you know, i know that you know...*shrugs*

I am with you on the horror! still love it!!

Ren & stimpy..lmao, seriously, I had a love/hate relationship with the cartoon, they really made me gag, but I stillw watched every episode! I love Nickelodeon cartoons! CatDog, two angry beavers, heck i still watch cartoons!!

Thank you!!!

have an awesome TMI Tuesday!!
we could be very happy together, okay, so i'll lay off my peanut butter spaghetti, but i love spanish food more than i love my family...oh, and Cartoon Network, without Cartoon Network and adult swim shows, i wouldn't be alive today.

mouth milking...ha! :D love that term :D
ALuv said…
@Phoenix - we can ride into the sunset together!! adult swim ha! love it!
hehe - blushing here about the mouth milking part *blushes with a huge grin*

and I am a great cook! of course specialty is Spanish food, the Dominican Sazon..hehe, ya know what i mean?
KaziGrrl said…
Your answers to the bonus had me giggling.

I love Mexican food... does that count?? ;)

~Kazi xxx
Dee said…
Hey ALuv, just popped in to say hi :) Enjoyed this little insight :)

Dee x
ALuv said…
@Kazi, Mexican is almost the same!

@Dee glad you enjoyed the insight!! hehe

Hugs to all!!

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