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Update on resolutions - March

Hoping everyone is enjoying their Aprils' fool day!!

1.  Get fit - make and exercise plan and a meal plan and stick to it!! 

is going great!
weight watchers is doing it for me, I do need to add some activities! 

2.  Plan a weekly menu.

not happening any time soon!  might as well, take that out!
is the thought that counts..I rather go with..."what would you guys like to eat for dinner tonight" works much better

3.  Budget! Budget! Budget!

Not doing that bad, but could be doing better, MA is getting to be so expensive! damn gas too!
the only budget that is going good so far is the gas budget! $80 pops a week!!

4.  Start a Christmas Club account - don't want it to be like 2011, I was not ready or planned

I need to be realistic...this is not happening either...

5.  GET ON THE ROAD - Register my vehicle!    DONE

Been on the road for a month although sharing the vehicle with my mom, sometimes I have to take the train to work but it is better than before

I rather take public transportation...
Insurance $112 a month
Gasoline $80 a week

6.  Become a US citizen...yaaayyy

Working on it :) this is a priority and a must!

7.  Visit my family in DR

Not happening this year, as far is my concern.

8.  Organize myself and keep up!

Since Master said what he needed to say to me...everything under control! 
Extremely proud of myself

9.  Sit down on a weekly basis and review my goals, accomplishments, where I went wrong, what needs readjustment/improvement.

more like every other week...slow month, I guess...

10.  Read a book every month!

I have kindle on my Windows phone, i downloaded a few books *free books*  looking forward to getting to them

11.  Meditate more and learn Tai Chi!!

doing it more and more often, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday were by biggest days!! 
tough days  but got through it! 
Met Barbara Mafeo, she tells me about my gift, high chakra, intuitive feelings, I have a light and not using to my potential, I am a special being she says.

12. Move to a bigger apartment (this is a maybe, the price for this little place is great, if I can match this price is a done deal)

bot happening.  I have looked around for other places and nothing matches what I pay for here.  Not bad for now.

13.  Travel and make plans for travel :) ... there are so many places I want to visit.

Montreal trip cancelled, other things came far no plans to travel...road trips, maybe

14.  Socialize more! make new friends, interact a bit more.

Haven't done much, I like to be home, what can I say...aside from a few trips here and there to the mall with the kids, having dinner with mom and sisters nothing interesting, I should change some of that, in due time

meeting people, well, I like the ones I have in my life so far, my online and blog friends are wonderful...and I am happy with that.  

15.  I almost forgot!! Work on my procrastination!! could I almost forget!

i have my good days and bad days..more good ones then bad ones this days :)

***New resolutions

16.  Corset training

at the end of April beginning of May! excited!!!

17.  Start building my own toy box even if they are not getting used

hehe, pictures to come next month

18.  Get control of my eating habit and blood pressure!

needless to say i got punished..not able to cum or touch myself for three days! that's what happens when i skip meals!!

So far so good...
Feeling proud!

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
We enjoyed reading about your progress and especially about your new resolutions. Corset training, huh? Sounds good. And we'd like to build (or at least acquire) an actual toy box for all of our toys. We'd love something like a treasure chest or an old trunk, ideally something with a lock. Our daughter is getting to the stage where she likes to open Mommy's nightstand drawers, so a lock is essential!
ALuv said…
thank you :)
Looking forward to get a collection going...and yes, a lock is essential because of the kids, they can find everything!!

have an awesome day!!

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