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Butterfly Tattoo

Lady J came to me a few days ago asking me if I had to get a tat on my punani what would I put?

Didn't have to think about it twice for i already know what I want...

A butterfly!!

needless to say she thought it was a great idea and she went ahead and had it done the same night! now I am having tattoo fever and I want one!! the same thing too!!! yummy!!!

So very sexy!! I can't wait to get mine!! but I am thinking of covering the entire area and incorporate my Masters' brand into it.

I love tattoos, but hidden ones, I don't like to have them in places that can be seen...same with piercings, I am still waiting for the go ahead from "Him" to get them done, so so cool!! looking forward to that...big time!! it will be 3 - 8 months for them to get healed, but heck!...I want it!!

Time to get back to my daily duties.

Sincerely Yours

Can a guy and a girl be friends?

**names of perpetrators and pictures have been included because they do not know of the existence of this blog**

We had a huge debate about this subject...

Some people will say this is impossible, but I think they are wrong.

I have many male friends than girlfriends, I chill with them...I have a specific friend called Darryl, he lives a few streets down from where I live, some Fridays and/or Saturdays he will call and ask me to come over to watch movies and video games, we stay up til the weee hours of the morning playing and I can honestly say nothing has ever happened.

Sammy - known him for 20+ years...we get together to cook, eat, play video games, karaoke (Xbox360), Rockband, we have slept on the same bed countless times and nothing ever happened.

Joey, omg Joey!! I can't say enough about him, sleepovers on weekends at his house!! LOL, mostly in the summer! wanna go clubbing? that's the man to call *grins*

Frank - CoWorker and the ladies handyman! He will take the shirt of…

TMI Tuesday ~Good Ol'Summertime~

TMI Tuesday questions Submitted by Andee

1.  Summer is a time to escape, kick back and chill.  What is your favorite way to relax in when the warm weather hits?

Beach, Lake, or depending how hot and humid is my bedroom or living room with my AC blasted!!

2.  Have you ever been to a drive in movie theater?  My first day was to a drive in movie, what is your best memory of these classic outdoor theaters?

They have on in NH, and I have never tried it...thinking of going this summer, I guess when I think of a drive in movie I can't help but think about making out in a car, grease lighting, john travolta, Olivia Newton...ya know..hehe

3.  Have you ever had a summer fling?  How did it develop and why did it end?

I haven't but that would be so hawt! *sometimes answering this questions makes me think I have a lame life, I need to get my groove on, what is wrong with me?*

4.  Board shorts and bikinis leave something to the imagination, but have you ever tried a nude beach?


Great weather & Weekend

...of course minus the hail and thunder storm that we had for about 15 - 20 minutes that brought a few trees down along some of the roads here, but other than that it has been above 90.

I had a date on Friday and it was wonderful!! no complaints here at all! a true gentleman...fabulous man!

I have been doing more PS3 playing *grins* with the new Assassins Creed III coming out I really must get my game on...other things I have been doing includes Second Life, with the viking SIM reopened I just can't get enough of the RP and the new people passing through.

I have been doing so many different things, keeping myself occupied as much as I can, and also try to be out of the house a bit more...I am what they call a home girl, I dread to go out, actually, used to.  My life was home, work, and kids, from time to time I would go out with friends forcefully cause it was practically "either you go out or don't talk to us" yah, some little kids shit, but heck...they meant well.

My wonderful HOT week

We are having a heat wave in far 95+ for three days in a row, we are expecting scattered showers this afternoon but so far it seems like is going to stay hot! and I am not in the least upset *grins*

So, it is not a secret that I love the city!

There is always something going on, something happening...and nothing in the surrounding areas, like the towns/cities towards the north....Boring!!!

It is one of the things I loved about the Netherlands when I visited - there is always something happening in all the towns/cities (to me they are all towns).

Starting May 10th of 2012 Downtown Crossing holds a block party with different live bands each week, beer is $2 and wine $3...and it is free, time is from 5 - 8 PM

It was fun!

We also took a walk around the common park...LOL, the squirrels just walk up to you as if they feel comfortable, they are not even afraid.  I am used to that, but when I walked over to a pigeon to take his/her pic she just laid there chilling, it was n…

Letters to Juliet ~Sophies' answer~ What if?--what?-- If?

" 'What' and ‘if’ two words as nonthreatening
as words come. But put
them together side-by-side and they
have the power to haunt you for the
rest of your life: ‘What if?'... "

"I don't know how your story ended.
But I know that if what you felt
then was love - true love - then
it's never too late. If it was true
then it why wouldn't it be true
now? You need only the courage to
follow your heart..."

"I don't know what a love like that
feels like... a love to leave loved
ones for, a love to cross oceans
for... but I'd like to believe if I
ever felt it. I'd have the courage
to seize it. I hope you had the
courage to seize it, Claire. And if
you didn't, I hope one day that you

how beautiful is that?

Sincerely Yours Aluv 

TMI Tuesday ~It's Your Birthday

Go's your birthday
we gonna party like it's your birthday
we goin' sip Bacardi like it's your birthday

Birthday TMI questions suggested by Heelsnstockings
1.  What star sign are you?

2.  Do you believe in horoscopes?
Sometimes I do, when they hit the nail on the head...

3.  When is your birthday?
I have the worse Bday of all December 28th!!! 3 days after Christmas ... I always get the..."here is  your Christmas and Bday gift" I got jipped!!!

4.  What's the worst birthday gift a partner has given you?
a basket full of soap?  Really? are you trying to tell me something? I was livid!!! and of course the memorable one last year...when the one who says that loves me forgot my bday, and still he hasn't mentioned, neither have I...goes to show huh?

5.  Are you organized when it comes to other people's birthdays?
Only to the people who are close to me...

6.  How do you normally celebrate your birthday?
they suck, most of them just at home, is mid …


It has been such a wonderful week, full of coincidences and amazing events.

My son graduated 8th grade!! yaay!! he made it!
The football and track coach from the high school went to the school to recruit him and a few other kids...*brushing off my shoulders in pride with a huge grin on this lips*


Can't wait to start going to the games.

My oldest daughter is back home with me and that makes me feel so much better...we are filling out applications for college, community college to start with at least, is a start!

A special someone came into my life this week as it fate, destiny, coincidence...I don't know, but whatever it is, I am so thankful and very appreciative :)

Weather is perfect, everything is just..........PERFECT!

Looking forward to next week...

Sincerely Yours

TMI Tuesday ~The Most Times~

everyone wants to know what things you've done the most times

1.  What sex position have you been in the most times?

On all four!!
I guess is the ability to rock this hips the way I do!
how long do you think you can last behind me?

2.  What book have you read....?

The outsiders

3.  What movie have you watched....?

is between Grease and Dirty Dancing

4.  in the last week, who have you texted...? (no names, list the relationship or type of person)

My daughters, son, Miss W and Lady J

5.  In the last week what have you eaten....?

Spring Mix salad with lime and sea salt

6.  Today, which website have you visited....?! and my blogs!

7.  When dining out, where have you eaten...?

I haven't eaten out in a long time...I would have to say Atiya's Home Kitchen (hehe, my house)

8.  Which sex toy have you used...?

no toy, just my finger!

Bonus:  Is there something you'd love to go back and relive in your sexual past?
Taken from a Husband of Two Sexual Minds

ehrr...have more …

Prom Night ~what a blast~

It was wonderful!

 Tables looked wonderful!!!
 such a wonderful job at decorating!
 Picture corner
 table to welcome the guests
 Entrance through the pyramid...everything getting set up
 love it!
 view from the balcony
 enjoying myself
Best way to end the night!!

It was a great night... After drinking the last drop in the bottle we headed to the bar, met a few professional dudes while there (seems like they were having a meeting or something), we talked and joked around for a few hours, I think some of them made it home sorta late, hehe.
I never expected to have so much fun but I did.  Can't wait for prom next year.
Sincerely Yours Aluv

Prom night

Today we have Prom for the boys & girls who acquired their GED through our program.  *awesome* This kids (18 - 21) never had the chance to finish high school, go to prom, have a graduation, etc., so we provide it for them.

I never go to prom, I always find an excuse not to go for one reason or another, but this year is different, I have a feeling that tonight is going to be special.

We are going to the Hotel in Boston to decorate for this evening, go back home and get ready...haa! is going to be such a challenge...I am going to prom by myself, not even waiting for W or J, they will be late as always and I hate to be late! ...the bosses will be there soooooo yeah, that's going to be fun o.O


I have nothing!
Not a thing to wear.  I wasn't counting on going but the girls rented a room at the hotel, they have some bottles of Malibu, I have a bottle of's a party!!  Probably Big David will be swinging through...I hope, we need his wallet! *grins* he is such …

Wanted Ads...

It is hard enough to find someone honest and chilling this days.
I go to POF, CL...although I don't really have a profile in either one but I like to go in and check it out...what a huuuuge disappointment!
- I am sure some men feel the same way o.O

**taken from a few Ads in CL *men seeking women*

"I am 6'6" handsome and in great shape (also a lot of fun). I am stable and drama free. You should be attractive, in good shape and intelligent (is that too much to ask!!)"

Yeah man is too much to ask!! have you taken the time to notice that women now a days are at least a size 12 (average)?  Intelligent? well it all depends, want my SAT scores? or my GPA? In good shape? oh, I have a few extra pounds on me but I can race you and probably win!

**another one...I cut out what he said he looks like...they are all tall, dark, and of course handsome!!

"All I ask is that you are in shape, fun, and willing to do just a casual thing from time to time. How about a picture for …

A kiss is just not a kiss :)

**taken from a CL post I found and I loved it!!!

- 1 - ICE KISS Celebrate the first day of winter with an ice kiss. Put an ice cube in your mouth until your mouth becomes cold. Remove the cube, track down your love and plant a kiss that will send chills!

- 2 - ELECTRIC SHOCK KISS The two of you shuffle your feet furiously on carpet. When you both have an electric charge, lean over and slowly aim for each other's lips. With your lips about one-half inch apart, move in even slower until a spark jumps between teh two of you. Instantly after this happens, kiss one another...the please us the kiss right after the shock!

On a beautiful cool night, you and your love crawl into a sleeping bag outside. Cuddle and kiss.

Next time your love performs some disliked home chore like cleaning the bathroom, mowing the lawn, or taking out the garbage, show your appreciation by tucking a…

TMI Tuesday ~ Think Kink..kink...k.i.n.k

question is...
do I ever stoop thinking Kink?


1.  What's the kinkiest thing about you, either mentally or physically?

Kinkiest thing about me lips...and the ability to use them *grins wide*

Mentally?  Owned love to feel owned! :)

2.  do you have fetishes? If so, what are they?

Def Spanking
Nipple Piercing
Hair Pulling
Dress Up/Roleplay
Body Jewelry
Suspension Bondage

3.  Have you ever been spanked?  Did you enjoy it?  Tell us more...

I so WISH!!!

4.  Have you been tied up, or tied someone else up?  Did you use rope or restraints?

NOPE!! another WISH...
seems like this post is going to be more of wish list.

5.  Would you classify yourself as more Dominant, Submissive, a Switch or entirely Vanilla?

Submissive with a little twist of Switch...I think, but of course I could be wrong *giggles*

6.  What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

Travel all the way across the world (twice) to get a good piece of ass!!
damn that was g…