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Can a guy and a girl be friends?

**names of perpetrators and pictures have been included because they do not know of the existence of this blog**

We had a huge debate about this subject...

Some people will say this is impossible, but I think they are wrong.

I have many male friends than girlfriends, I chill with them...I have a specific friend called Darryl, he lives a few streets down from where I live, some Fridays and/or Saturdays he will call and ask me to come over to watch movies and video games, we stay up til the weee hours of the morning playing and I can honestly say nothing has ever happened.

Sammy - known him for 20+ years...we get together to cook, eat, play video games, karaoke (Xbox360), Rockband, we have slept on the same bed countless times and nothing ever happened.

Joey, omg Joey!! I can't say enough about him, sleepovers on weekends at his house!! LOL, mostly in the summer! wanna go clubbing? that's the man to call *grins*

Frank - CoWorker and the ladies handyman! He will take the shirt of his back for anyone of us girls at work..and he looks great with his shirt off o.O

I can name a few more and give more examples...maybe because there is no type of attraction on my behalf and I do not entice them, or lead them to think that something "might" happen (get lucky with me).

Eliud and I

I do think that men and women can be friends.
I try not to flirt with my male friends, and when I do and it has happened they know whats up!  I am as clear as water when it comes to this subject, and I've had the bad luck when I've had to be completely blunt about it. 

I don't sleep with a guy just to sleep with him to get off, or cause I am horny...heck! I am always horny!!
I honestly need to feel something deep in order for me to get to that level.

In the past I have been attracted to a few guy friends I've had, but I know my boundaries and respect those boundaries...
Friendship is sacred to me, doesn't matter if its a girl or a guy, same terms apply...equal opportunity.

If I don't sleep with my girlfriends, why will I do it with my guy friends?. (although some are so fuckable is unbelievable)

there are different types of relationships:
Friends with benefits
No strings attached
Fuck buddies
I think is up to the individuals if they want to take it to another level/another notch, go from friends to any of the terms above...

Same thing with an X-boyfriend/girlfriend. 
My x-husbands woman thinks that every time he comes around we are going to be intimate...are you kidding me? (not going to go into those details right now...saving for another post)

in my opinion:  I know it is possible for a guy and a girl can be friends.  I am living prove of i said before, i've had crushes on some of my friends but never to a point that i actually got intimate with them, it was just a simple crush just cause he looks soooo good!!!!

helluuur!! wouldn't you develop a crush on him!!!
hehe, David used to be almost 400 pounds 3 years ago! and look at his accomplishment! i loved him then and i love him now...although he has that slamming, banging body, i still see him as my big teddy bear from back in the days.
and he is a man whore people!!
but you see?
David and I can go to the movies, chill and cook at home, watch movies...and he will try his best to drag me to the gym and I always tell him if he wants our relationship to work out to please not mention the gym to me.  I can call him at any given time of the day and night and he will be there for me no questions asked...He is my friend.

David and I!

What is your view on this subject?

Can a guy and a girl be friends without having to get intimate?

Sincerely Yours


painspleasure said…
yep absolutley, i have a fair few male friends, one in particular im very close to and there has never been any uncomfortable moments, im sure people that dont know us could assume we are together but thats natural human perception.

In fact sometimes i think male friends are more easy to be around than females lol

tori x
Dee said…
My opinion, and from my experience, yes, it's totally possible for a guy and a girl to be friends without anything more intimate.
But I think a lot of people would disagree with that.

Dee x
Jack and Jill said…
We've both got plenty of friends of the opposite gender. We probably have as many as we do friends of our own gender. It doesn't - or shouldn't - depend on whether you're male or female. It should depend on whether you get along, have interests in common, etc.
squirrel said…
You have some super hot friends, lol! I have had plenty of very good male friends, maybe even better than female friends. But I think more often than not there was an underlying sexual current, a subtle pleasurable tension to our interaction even though nothing ever happened or would happen.

love, squirrel
Atiya Luv said…
I find it easier to communicate with guys, girls can be so judgmental, and I dislike drama!
I can relate more with guys.

@Dee, yes, tons of people disagree and i find it to be more males than females...i guess we have more control ;p

I get your point, I just think that males and females can have a true friendship w/o having to get intimate...

thank youuu, they are hawt!! yes
I don't mind flirting with them but as long as they know there are boundaries and wont cross them...and i have been attracted to some of my males friends and even crushes but never gone all the way with it!!

have a wonderful everyone!!


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