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Great weather & Weekend

...of course minus the hail and thunder storm that we had for about 15 - 20 minutes that brought a few trees down along some of the roads here, but other than that it has been above 90.

I had a date on Friday and it was wonderful!! no complaints here at all! a true gentleman...fabulous man!

I have been doing more PS3 playing *grins* with the new Assassins Creed III coming out I really must get my game on...other things I have been doing includes Second Life, with the viking SIM reopened I just can't get enough of the RP and the new people passing through.

I have been doing so many different things, keeping myself occupied as much as I can, and also try to be out of the house a bit more...I am what they call a home girl, I dread to go out, actually, used to.  My life was home, work, and kids, from time to time I would go out with friends forcefully cause it was practically "either you go out or don't talk to us" yah, some little kids shit, but heck...they meant well.

So far...I have been doing...

gardening in my kitchen, because I don't really have a backyard, it is mostly used by the kids (little kids) from the first and second floor, I am afraid if I do a little garden downstairs...pffft, I just don't want issues with the neighbors.  I don't have a kitchen table anymore and I have plants all over the place including my room.  I talk to them (don't call me crazy but I think they like it).  They are the first thing I check on each morning when I wake up.

meditating every single day.  I just like it, the peacefulness I feel when coming out of it, priceless!! and it really changes the way I perceive things, how I react to situations and even the way that I am with people...things that used to send me over the edge don't seem to have the same effect on me.  It is just great!!

cooking every single day to save money.  I used to order food at least twice a week, not anymore! we actually use that money to go out and do things through the weekend.

bargain Tuesday at the movies!! $5 all day!  Can't beat that, we do it every other week :)

fun at work with everyone, it is great to get along and have a stress free environment, of course we have the ones who no matter what try to make it impossible to work with but hey, the heck with them, seems like it bothers them more when their negative attention is turned to positive...

gaming with the kids...yeah, so there is not secret I love me some PS3, i really can't get into the Xbox360, we have one but I don't use it unless we play Halo...when will PS3 come out with Halo!! pleeeease!!
We have quite a thing for games...PS2, Xbox360, Wii, PS3, not counting the Nintendo 3DS my daughter has, GameCube...we have a system connected in every room in the apartment, except my room of course, although I have been pondering in bringing my PS3 in my room, not a great idea...
Anyways - the kids and I play, fight, we get online and just shit on people!! (excuse the language) but we are good!!!! haha

Thursdays at Downtown Crossing Block Party - something i would like to get into for the summer, I already tried it this past Thursday and it was cool, a bit out of place, i felt like a fly in a cup of milk, the only Latina's there were my friend and I...we still had a beer and a glass of wine, lets see how it goes next week, planning to hit the spot again.

Today we went for a nature walk...just feels so good to do things together, seems the older they get the closer we get.  I really love the relationship I have with my children, makes me feel so proud and content, I did a heck of a job!! yaaay

We went to visit my mom and chill with her for a few...she was pleased! Always happy to see her first grandchildren...and to say the least her favorite ones (LMAO) sorry to say it, but it is true and they all know it!!

I am in such a good place right now :) and it has been like that for a few weeks now, I've had my moments when I miss him so much and it bends me out of shape, but then I think of the great love between us and it calms me down...I love him

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!!

Sincerely yours


Jack and Jill said…
Glad to hear about your date! Glad it went well. You deserve more wonderful times like these. Great photos!
Atiya Luv said…
thank you!! @JackandJill love taking pics, wish i had a better camera!!

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