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My wonderful HOT week

We are having a heat wave in far 95+ for three days in a row, we are expecting scattered showers this afternoon but so far it seems like is going to stay hot! and I am not in the least upset *grins*

So, it is not a secret that I love the city!

There is always something going on, something happening...and nothing in the surrounding areas, like the towns/cities towards the north....Boring!!!

It is one of the things I loved about the Netherlands when I visited - there is always something happening in all the towns/cities (to me they are all towns).

Starting May 10th of 2012 Downtown Crossing holds a block party with different live bands each week, beer is $2 and wine $3...and it is free, time is from 5 - 8 PM

Last night 6/21/2012

It was fun!

We also took a walk around the common park...LOL, the squirrels just walk up to you as if they feel comfortable, they are not even afraid.  I am used to that, but when I walked over to a pigeon to take his/her pic she just laid there chilling, it was not afraid in the least!

We also took a trip to the JFK Library and peaceful and wonderful there...overlooking the harbor and the islands around

view having lunch
It was a wonderful and hot day!


If you ever see in the news this sail boat disappeared...just letting you know ahead of time, I had nothing to do with it!!!
*looks to the side innocently with a small devilish grin on her lips*

Have a great weekend all!!


I am going on a DATE tonight!! yaaay!

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
As I said on Twitter, it's been ugly here, and we envy you your beautiful weather. Though, to be fair, it's always a hot week when you're involved. ;)

Great pictures! We'd love to check out the JFK Library and Museum sometime!

Enjoy your date!
Dee said…
Great pics ALuv, hope you have a great weekend too :)

Dee x
painspleasure said…
go on rub it in how your having lovely weather..its pissing it down here lol

Seriously sounds delightful, i love exploring new places, to travel more is on my to-do-list, perhaps when the children have grown.

tori x
Atiya Luv said…
sorry about the weather, I hope it has turned around by now! and thanks..hehe, I do say that I bring the sunshine with me everywhere I go!!
and yes, you should check out the JFK museum, so peaceful!

thank you and I hope you have enjoyed yours

@painspleasure (tori)
awww, not rubbing it in, just enjoying it, we had 2 weeks of rain and gray skies here!!
I do suggest you do some traveling, include the kids, they will enjoy it and love you for it.
That is something we were talking about today at the park, how we used to go for expeditions, and adventures when they were kids, trust me they will appreciate it!.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend


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