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Wanted Ads...

It is hard enough to find someone honest and chilling this days.
I go to POF, CL...although I don't really have a profile in either one but I like to go in and check it out...what a huuuuge disappointment!
- I am sure some men feel the same way o.O

**taken from a few Ads in CL *men seeking women*

"I am 6'6" handsome and in great shape (also a lot of fun). I am stable and drama free. You should be attractive, in good shape and intelligent (is that too much to ask!!)"

Yeah man is too much to ask!! have you taken the time to notice that women now a days are at least a size 12 (average)?  Intelligent? well it all depends, want my SAT scores? or my GPA? In good shape? oh, I have a few extra pounds on me but I can race you and probably win!

**another one...I cut out what he said he looks like...they are all tall, dark, and of course handsome!!

"All I ask is that you are in shape, fun, and willing to do just a casual thing from time to time. How about a picture for starters?"

Ok...they ask for pics yet they don't have one you like that? 
So, we are suppose to let you know what we look like, yet it is a mystery what they look like...

I found another ad that the guy is talking about how spelling is so important and how he wants a smart woman...DUDE!! you spelled "friends" - 'freinds' OOOOOK!!! good one!!


for the guys:
meet the woman!
talk to her, get to know who she is before making any assumptions or think that you will not like her.  REMEMBER...a pic is worth a thousand words...some people are not photogenic and when you see them in person might surprise the living shit out of you.
sometimes it takes only 5 minutes to know if that is the person you will spend the rest of your life with...
Chemistry is something amazing!
is like finding the right shoe, or that missing piece of the puzzle.

Tons of girls will make you a lucky man for the right price.

Tons will make you a happy man just because you are appreciated for the man that you are, not what you can give them.

it is just sad that we are living in a materialistic and vain world!!

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
We would occasionally place an ad on CraigsList looking for play partners. All we got were flakes. It really disillusioned us. Sorry you're having bad luck as well. Although the guy who wants a smart woman yet can't spell made us laugh. :)
Atiya Luv said…
I can't say I am having bad luck *grins*
but just reading and breezing through ads just makes you see and realize how many shallow people there are, and then they wonder why they are alone?
I gave up looking a long time ago, I am letting fate and destiny play their part...

do hope you are able to find what you are looking for!


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