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TMI Tuesday ~The Comfort and Thrill of Sex

1.  How do you feel about giving anal sex (penetration with penis, fingers, or sex toys)
a.  I love it
b.  I enjoy it
c.  I'm ok with it
d.  I don't really enjoy it
e.  I don't enjoy it at all
f.   I have never given anal sex
g.  I have never given anal sex, but would like to start.

F.  I have never given anal sex

2.  How do you feel about receiving anal sex (penetration with penis, fingers, or sex toys)
a.  I love it
b.  I enjoy it
c.  I'm ok with it
d.  I don't really enjoy it
e.  I don't enjoy it at all
f.   I have never received anal sex
g.  I have never received anal sex, but would like to start.

F.  I have never received anal sex...

3.  How do you feel about getting undressed in front of a new lover for the first time, as he/she watches you?
a.  It's a turn on for me
b.  It turns me on a little bit
c.  I like it, but only because it gets him/her going
d.  It does nothing for me
e.  I don't like doing it because I am shy
f.  I don't like doing…

50 Shades of Grey - About to read!

Today I am getting the trilogy of 50 Shades of Grey.

I am so curious about the books, everyone is reading it, talking about it, even my sisters read the book, little sister read the first book in 24 hours so it must be good!  She says she couldn't put it down, oh boy, am I in for it cause I get drawn in big time and once I start I can't stop! Glad I have the entire weekend ahead.

I already called the book store and just waiting to leave work to shoot up there!

We are going to be having tons of rain this weekend so it will be perfect to read!

already making a list of things to buy:
My student brought me sushi that she made :) Yummy! should last me all weekend! yaay

I am still adding other things as I go along, should be interesting :)

I had plans to take off to Maine on Sunday, Old Orchard Beach to be exact but due to weather conditions I opted to stay local...again, lets see what happens...I heard that York, Maine is a very small town, old style like, maybe I…

Blogging & other thoughts

I am not here as often as I used to be, I do lurk and write a comment here and there just to keep myself updated of what is going on with my fave blogs and bloggers.

I really have nothing to blog about, no love life, my life is as vanilla as it can get!!

Nothing interesting is going on in my life, just trying to keep busy, still in a long distance relationship, coping with the distance and his busy season at work although he writes everyday and that sorta comforts me still feeling very lonely and something missing from my life.

I feel very accomplish in all phases of my life.
Work is going wonderful!
Kids are doing great!
I get out more often, actually, wish I could do it a bit more, but I am getting there.
Bills are paid.
Drama Free!!!
Overall everything is great, I can't complaint at all, yet I am not completely happy.

Although I love "Him" so very much and I want to be with "Him" in reality it is something that can't happen for now, maybe in a long tim…

TMI Tuesday ~Lets go to bed~

Once again Virtualsin has provided us with the TMI Tuesday questions.

The Cure – Let’s Go To Bed from Martin Zulińá on Vimeo.

Most importantly it is the theme of this week's TMI Tuesday. 

Tell us about your bed.

1.  What size (King, queen, full, twin)?

I have a queen size! downsized from King last year thinking my Master would be visiting *grins*

2.  What Mattress construction (conventional springs, air bed, water bed, tempurpedic-type)?

Conventional spring! Zerta Mattress

3.  What type furniture (just a frame, headboard/footboard, canopy, trundle, etc)? describe.

I have a bedroom set, dark wood, headboard and footboard, and the rest of the furniture...

4.  What kind of sheets (cotton, linen, silk, flannel)?

Cotton all the way!!

5.  What kind of blankets (cotton, wool, thermal, electric)?


6.  What's on top (bedspread, duvet, ....)?

Comforter! RED!!!

If "HE" comes over, will you let them fuck you on your bed?  Yes or No.

of course!! the bed needs to be baptised!…

and the week is almost over!

Had a great time this week with friends and meeting new people.

I don't stay home like I used to and have less time to use the computer, I read and follow blogs through my phone, I don't log into Second Life unless it is to pay for my home and say hi to a few friends...when winter comes that will change!

Work is fabulous!
Got a raise! not that it will make much of a difference, insurance is kicking my ass, but at least I know that my work is not been taken for granted and all of my headaches are actually paying off!

We have been hitting the Boston Common at least twice a week, I just love that place!

We read, talk, make plans, discuss books, music, walk around, talk to people, listen to the live bands, or watch them film a Shakespeare movie :)
Went to the beach after work *grins* that was a great night! 

hehe! now that's what I call a fun evening!

Between all the fun with friends I also had some family time.  My nieces' bday was yesterday, she wanted a trampoline, I was s…

TMI Tuesday ~DARING: What are your 50 shades of grey?

1.  I enjoy the idea that my partner wants to inflict pain on me that:

a.  makes me curious
b.  is titillating and sexually arousing
c.  that leaves me screaming and/or crying because that's the way I like it

a. makes me curious...wondering what the hell did I do wrong this time!! *hands him the paddle*

2.  Do you like being forced to dress or act in a way that is humiliating?  If yes, please describe.  If no, why not?

hellz to the no!! I don't like to be forced period, specially when it has to do with humiliation!
I think I went through that enough as a child and having to wear what my mother selected every single day...why put up with it as an adult?

3.  Do you like seeing bruises, scars, or marks that were caused during sex on either you or your partner?  What kind of marks?

mmmmmmmmm I have a thing for seen the marks of nails sank in the back and the traces of them all the way down to the bare ass *shivers*

4.  Would you like to be forced to do sexual things that you don&…

TMI Tuesday ~Blankety Blank~

Complete the sentences by filling in the blanks.

1.  I spend all day thinking about stuff I want to do but couldn't stand five minutes of actually doing the things that I have been thinking about all day.

2.  I love to have a robot in my house to do MY LAUNDRY because no one else ever does.

If you read my blog at all...then you already know I don't like doing laundry at all

3.  The older you get the more stubborn you get.

at least is my take on it!

4.  I want to settle down once and for all when I am able to find the one who (or maybe I did already...did I?).

5.  My appetite for sex, and cummin can never be satisfied.

I have tons to catch up on!!

Bonus:  If I were a hoarder, I would hoard Shoooess!!!!.


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we'll all know where to read your responses. Please don't for…

Update on resolution - June (a bit late)

June!! Sweet are awesome!!
Love it!! Summer is going great! great!
1. Get fit - make and exercise plan and a meal plan and stick to it!!
So the lost weight is a stand still, don't gain, don't lose but feeling extremely well... I've been having stomach issues so I am going to go get a Colonics performed :) 
After the procedure I am starting a new way of eating, can't wait!!

2. Budget! Budget! Budget!
Still doing ok!

proud of me :)

3. GET ON THE ROAD - Register my vehicle!DONE
4. Become a US citizen...yaaayyy
Working on it :) this is a priority and a must!

5. Organize myself and keep up!
Done!  although Laundry is the one thing I can't keep up with, as long as I have clean clothes and options, I keep going!! (i find no reason to change this one...Laundry still an issue for me!)

7. Sit down on a weekly basis and review my goals, accomplishments, where I went wrong, what needs readjustment/improvement.
Keeps me balanced and lets me see where I need improvement, I can'…

TMI Tuesday ~From November 23, 2010~

This weeks questions are republished from November 23, 2010

1.  Have you ever shared sleeping accomodations with someone of the opposite sex without anything steamy happening?

Many times! I am a firm believer that guys and girls can be friends w/o sex taking over.

2. Have you ever streaked, flashed, or otherwise partially or totally exposed yourself in public before (or after) an informal, unofficial gathering of people?

I must admit I am a bit puzzled about the not processing well...
but I have flashed on the highway on WOW day (back in the 90's) when they would have WOW written on their truck.
We moonshine the entire football team after a game...I think that is when I became a bit popular *grins*

3. Have you had dates with multiple people on the same weekend (or consecuitve nights or the same night) while not all of your dates were aware of your actions?

what?? do you think I have them lined up at the door? 
I wish!!

4.  What is the most "romantic" you…

7,315 as of today~

I am like wow!!

I can't believe so many have viewed this blog since I started!!

I went back to read a few of them, or the most popular ones by far...still my WOW days and my TMI Tuesday...hehe

Have a fab week!!!

Tomorrow is TMI - looking forward to it!

Do hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, and the weather was as awesome as ours...hope it stays this way.

I think i learned to swim this weekend...serious? me swim? oook!! but i was doing it!! *grins* I think I found my new love :)
I am joining the Y cause girly here enjoyed swiming! I couldn't believe it!!

and that is the highlight of my weekend!!

Sincerely Yours