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50 Shades of Grey - About to read!

Today I am getting the trilogy of 50 Shades of Grey.

I am so curious about the books, everyone is reading it, talking about it, even my sisters read the book, little sister read the first book in 24 hours so it must be good!  She says she couldn't put it down, oh boy, am I in for it cause I get drawn in big time and once I start I can't stop! Glad I have the entire weekend ahead.

I already called the book store and just waiting to leave work to shoot up there!

We are going to be having tons of rain this weekend so it will be perfect to read!

already making a list of things to buy:
My student brought me sushi that she made :) Yummy! should last me all weekend! yaay

I am still adding other things as I go along, should be interesting :)

I had plans to take off to Maine on Sunday, Old Orchard Beach to be exact but due to weather conditions I opted to stay local...again, lets see what happens...I heard that York, Maine is a very small town, old style like, maybe I will end up taking the train there, find a small coffee shop, read and watch the rain fall.  OMG, I can't wait!

I will have my reviews on the book on next week *grins*

Everyone have a safe and wonderful weekend!!

Sincerely Yours


Jessi said…
It was a good book. But nothing really like what we actually live in the bdsm, D/s lifestyle. I couldn't finish the first one, just cuz I got bored. I hope you like them!
Dee said…
I enjoyed the book also ALuv. No it wasn't brilliantly written, there are a few things I could disagree on or say I didn't like. But jeez, it's a book! It's not meant to be a 'taxing' read, more like trashy romance kinda thing, if you keep that in mind you should be ok lol! :)

Dee x
Jack and Jill said…
50 Shades wasn't our particular cup of tea - not that we read it all the way through - but that's due more to the quality of the prose and less to the subject matter. It really is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of tome. We're eager to get your take on it.
Atiya Luv said…
I started reading it yesterday and I couldn't put it down...for a bit since other things popped up...up early this morning and book in hand...
Dee! sure is like a trashy romance story..hehe, in which i wish i was the main character!! yummy

Thanks guys @Jessi @Dee @Jack and Jill, looking forward to finishing the books!

hugs to all and wishing you a sweet weekend!!

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