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and the week is almost over!

Had a great time this week with friends and meeting new people.

I don't stay home like I used to and have less time to use the computer, I read and follow blogs through my phone, I don't log into Second Life unless it is to pay for my home and say hi to a few friends...when winter comes that will change!

Work is fabulous!
Got a raise! not that it will make much of a difference, insurance is kicking my ass, but at least I know that my work is not been taken for granted and all of my headaches are actually paying off!

We have been hitting the Boston Common at least twice a week, I just love that place!

We read, talk, make plans, discuss books, music, walk around, talk to people, listen to the live bands, or watch them film a Shakespeare movie :)

Went to the beach after work *grins* that was a great night! 

hehe! now that's what I call a fun evening!

Between all the fun with friends I also had some family time.  My nieces' bday was yesterday, she wanted a trampoline, I was so thrilled when my brother in law showed up with her gift but none of the guys wanted to build it, so...I took over, when they saw it coming together they decided to come help and after 2 hours, trial and error we finally put it together!

Even the adults had a turn! just wish it was bigger!

I am very proud of myself!
Taking steps to get out there and have fun...although Love is missing out of my life there are other things filling that void for the moment.  I have my days/nights in which I feel extremely lonely, what is a girl to do?

Wishing everyone a most amazing Sunday!

Thinking of joining Sinful Sunday...

Sincerely Yours


tori said…
Sounds like a great weekend, now i have to ask what is secondlife? am i missing out on something lol because im very nosey!

Jack and Jill said…
Sounds like you're having a very busy summer! Ours has been busy as well. Glad you had a great week. And the pictures - wow! Very sexy (as always).
Atiya Luv said…
@tori second life is a 3D virtual world, very cool, love it, you can check it out at

@J&J I cant believe it myself! Doing my best to keep my mind occupied and is working!
Thanks for the compliment on the pics
Dee said…
Sounds like a fun weekend ALuv, well done on building the trampoline, I'm impressed :)

Dee x
Atiya Luv said…
hi Dee!!
it was a wonderful week and weekend!
:) I was so into building that thing! finally the guys jumped in when things got rough!


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