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50 Shades of Grey - my book review

I feel as I am about to write a book report!!

aside from the fact that my breathing get heavier, i feel a certain sensation down under and of course wet by the time i put the book was a cool read!  and a chic book indeed.

men should read it so they can actually get an idea of how women think...SOMETIMES, cause that Anastasia pissed me off through the entire some ways.

I loved me some Christian Grey, i will take him not only with 100 shades but with the entire rainbow!!
I know is only a book but the way he treats her and feels about her...what wouldn't i give to feel at least 1/4 of that!!
I think Anastasia is very unappreciative (in book 1 by far)...
She keeps saying that he is fucked up, and the way he is, and all she does is complain about this and that...and even when she says thank you she still has a "but" in there somewhere *chokes her*...perhaps if he was an asshole, didn't really give a crap, just get together with her for a scene, and get off then probably she would be alright.
The fact she is jealous of his past~!  Get over it! you weren't even around!
in just three weeks in the relationship she wants to know it all...

**i think i am hyperventilating

Do you think I would question a car given to me?  fly in first class?  laptop and cell phone? 
of course it had to be a book, I don't know too many women who would say no or act like that when given something...Anastasia felt like a hoe by him doing that...please please!!! can someone treat me like a hoe? pleeeease!!!

anyways, so far, i am in love with Christian Grey and the idea of ever having me one of those...(does not need to come with the money, but if he does, that will be a plus).

Love the contract/agreement/procurement...hehe, where do i sign again?


reading book two!...finding out more stuff

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
Glad you enjoyed it! I hope you'll give us a review of the other books in the series once you've finished them.
Anonymous said…
Glad you liked it! Yeah I get that it's a beach read and masturbation fodder but on a deeper level it really is a pretty crap/nrgative portrayal of BDSM......I found it really was, for the most part, simply a bit of titillation for 'nilla housewives with less than satisfactory sex lives to help their fantasies along! Suffice to say I haven't read any However, it may have the potential to open up new experiences for some women and encourage them to partake in alternative sex thus boosting their flagging sex lives. This being the case, it can only be a good thing.

Looking forward to the next installment to see if things hot up just a bit!
Atiya Luv said…
enjoyed it very much, got me horny so it must be good!!

I agree with what you are saying about this book getting 'nilla housewives curious about it, my sister is talking about spanking LMAO!!

The second book is better!!
Dee said…
I think this book may have the potential to revive flagging sex lives lol! Which of course can only be a positive thing. Glad you enjoyed it :)

Dee x

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