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Weekend was Awesome

I like to keep myself busy, although I do more planning than the actual plans itself *grins* but lately I have been doing exactly what I have been saying I am going to do.

My sons' first football game was Saturday :) I am such a proud mommy!! 
I love the fact he is into sports, other than boxing and skateboarding of course.  He looked so cute with his gear on, can't wait til he gets to the NFL...Hey!! a mom can dream :)

Saturday was all about him, first thing in the morning was the game, we were there from 10:30am - 2:00pm, it was fun to watch them play, I had my eyes on #35, I swear I was going to go across that field and whack him!! grrrrr
I never watched him do boxing, cause I know how I am, and seen someone else hitting my kid is just too much for me, I don't care if its for the love of the game, but also some kids play dirty *frowns* and those are the ones I want to body slam!!
I already warned the coach about it, he said not to worry that they will tie me up to keep me under wrap til the game is done...bad bad coach!!

One thing I was not very pleased with was the condition of their uniforms, they looked used and old, the other team (red) looked all new and crispy, we need to raise some money to get this kids some new uniforms.  I am down to buy whatever my son needs for his games and donate equipment need be!

After the game kids were shaking hands and while that was happening I was thinking that I need a better camera for future games *grins* I need close ups.

The sun did a huge number on me! it has been a while since I had a sunburn!


We headed to Boston to celebrate St. Anthony's Feast.  I guess it has been going on for more than 100 years! I only found out last week.  Better late than never.

Stores were packed, the inside of Quincy Market was full of people buying food, eating, and just relaxing.  We went to a few stores, met up with one of my old friends, we had some drinks while the youngsters walked around enjoying the street performers.

I wanted a little treat *yummy*
My daughter knows I am weak when it comes to truffles, so she bought me a mini chocolate truffle cake, wowsers, best truffle cake I've had in a long time!!

My niece enjoyed the day more than we did, is not very often she gets to go out and do things.  Sure her father takes her every year to Six Flags and the water park but my sister is not one to go out much on weekends.  She is afraid to go far for fear of getting lost, when she needs to go somewhere that requires a lot of driving she makes sure a friend will accompany her.

Jaida feeding the squirrels and the birds
I am making plans for next weekend and I asked my sister to tag along.  I spoke to her about taking my niece out at least a Saturday and/or Sunday, there are many places to discover and explore around all this states.  
When my girls were younger we used to go out every weekend.  From Friday night til Sunday evening we were out and about, a picnic, museums, exploring something new every weekend...and now I am doing it with my niece, hopefully my sister will be joining us as of this weekend!!

I really enjoyed my weekend and looking forward to next weekend!  Have much planned!!

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
Sounds like a very exciting weekend! As you already know, I love Boston and would love to take Jill for a visit. Also, you have a very sexy neck. ;)

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