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Change is good, Change is my friend

Things are going great!

I have been staying on track with everything I wrote down.

Exercise has been one of my greatest obstacles, gosh I am lazy!!

House looks awesome, did tons of cleaning this weekend to welcome the fall :) and all set!

Big task this week and one of my goals is to accomplish 5 days of exercise and cook every single night.

I am thrilled to announce I may be taking a vacation to see Him *grins ever so wide*
We are making plans at the moment, he is coming up with dates and I am already beginning to put the plan on effect :)
I have been so excited for about a week now, since he mentioned it to me I can't stop thinking about him and arriving there, hugging him, kissing him, pour all my love on him!! shooot! this feels good!!!

Getting my TMI ready!!

I can't even concentrate!!

Sincerely Yours


Jack and Jill said…
We're excited to hear about your upcoming trip! Keep us posted!
Dru said…
Your 1yr+ dry spell is about to be broken? So excited and like Jack and Jill I cant wait to read about it. I hope that it will be all you have been wishing for and more

You know what they say, once you've gone a year without you are as good as a virgin. LOL.

Sigh I always feel a tad depressed when I see you doing so well with your resolutions. Send me some motivation please!
Atiya Luv said…
@Jack and Jill
I can't wait!! I am on the edge every single day and he has yet to set a date, but like wow, i am in a daze!

about time my dry spell is broken and I do feel like a virgin! hehe, I remember before i was with him took me 3.5 years to get there...*grins* what does that make me? a nun?
about the resolutions...writing them down and sharing them helps, i try to keep in mind my goals and what i want to accomplish, took me 30+ years!
and sure Dru!! i will send and bring you motivation need be :)



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