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TMI Tuesday ~Celebrity Sex-a-thon!~

Thank you to Ms. B for submitting this week's TMI Tuesday Questions.

1.  Who is your closest celebrity look-alike?  and, who do you think is sexier, you or the celeb?

Recently I was told that I look like Ella Fitzgerald when she was 17, I kinda of see the resemblance...she is def sexier cause she can sing!!!

2.  Who is the hottest male AND female celebrity you can think of?  And, if the opportunity presented itself would you have sex with them?

I would have to say as always my all time favorite, Johnny Depp!!! yum yum nom nom nom!!!! and heck yes, I would do him soooo badly!! that is no secret! yummyyyy

Female celeb, Ellen DeGeneres

3.  What celebrity do you fantasize about, but wouldn't admit it to your friends?

Johnny Bravo

4.  Have you ever watched a leaked celebrity sex tape?  Who was it or were they and what did you think?  What would you have done differently if you were in the video with them?

Paris Hilton - no comment
the famous R. Kelly and minor ordeal - she looked like a pro to me!
Kim Kardashian - comment either
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee - man is bless! it was an ok porn
Sylvester "Sly" Stallone - LMAO!! i seen that flick I couldn't believe it!!!

5.  If you are in a relationship, is there anyone your partner knows that you have the 'hots' for and they give you the okay to be intimate with?  Who would be there's?

Refer to #3
Him - I don't know, but I would have to guess Rhianna among other hotties...

6.  If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would you choose and what would you give them for dessert?

Marilyn Monroe so she can teach me all her seduction techniques and hanging out with a beautiful and sexy woman will make me look even sexier and more beautiful too *grins*
and for dessert we would have cannolis cause she liked Italian food (not sure her taste in sweets)

BONUS:  If you were offered the million dollar indecent proposal, what would your answer be and why?

I would.
Is only one night, water and soap is available and of course condoms!

I can send all three of my kids to college, travel, help my family :), buy a farm and equip it with the night goes a long way with a million dollar!


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we'll all know where to read your responses.
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Sincerely Yours


yes! Johnny Bravo! okay, i'll confess, i have a crush on Jessica Rabbit, i mean, who wouldn't want that body?

that Sylvester Stallone porn is an historical landmark, it looks like vintage mint '70s porn, i was humming bow-chicka-bow-wow all the way through.

oh man, Kim and Ray J were hot, with the pussy-eating, cock-sucking, Kim's "fuck dat azz" and "are you gonna cum?" too bad there wasn't a nice cumshot at the finish there.
Atiya Luv said…
@the late phoenix
I have to agree with you Jessica Rabbit is hawt...I can just imagine her playing Patty Cake!!

i think that is a shot we all wanna see in celebrity porn, a huge cumshot! is one of the best ways to finish :)

Gracias Phoenix :)
Ms. B said…
I found your blog! ;)

Great answers!! Johnny Depp is quite the hottie... I would take him any day of the week!! & Johnny Bravo is too funny!
Jack and Jill said…
Ya just HAD to include a picture of R Kelly, didn't ya? :)

Your answer to #3 made us laugh out loud. I'll have to gel my hair up into a pompadour when we finally meet, just for laughs.

And I can't believe you mentioned Stallone's film! Most people don't know about it. I had the opportunity to watch it years ago and passed. I don't need to see Little Rocky.

Atiya Luv said…
Mrs. B!! welcome to my blog! thanks for the questions :)

Jack and Jill
Of course i had to include R.Kelly! is a must!
Please post pics when you gel up your hair!
I had to mention Stallone! *grins* that porn is a legend among girls who loved Sly in those days...*blushing*

PaganPrincess said…
I understand your thoughts on the bonus question! I'd have to seriously consider it and take many variables and possible consequences into account. But I could do a LOT with a million dollars.

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