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TMI Tuesday ~Cum, are you a fan?~

This week's TMI Tuesday questions come from the wacky, inventive, and sexually creative mind of the late phoenix.

Cum, are you a fan?

1.  We are all incurable sex, addicts, but name one thing -- a job, a passion, a creative outlet, a collection -- of yours you use as a replacement, a distraction from constantly thinking about sex 24/7

Hard one!! 
I don't think there is anything i can do that can keep my dirty mind of sex! as a matter of fact, i can be doing anything, reading, cooking, watching tv, no matter what it is, and when those thoughts come along, no job, passion, creative outlet, collection, replacement, and/or distraction that can keep my head out of the gutter!!! lmao!

2.  Have you ever loved somebody so much you thought having sex with them would actually sully the pristine purity of that love?

I had to look at the "sully the pristine" words in a sentence that will explain it better, cause serious, take in consideration i am ESL...but i think i get the question...if i get the answer wrong because of misinterpretation I will look like a total asshole!

but no, I think making love/sex will bring us closer (and it did!!!)
unless of course one of them suck! in my case...unless "he" sucks, cause i know i am good!!

3.  If you could make love to yourself, would you?  Describe this experience in full detail.

I don't think i can do that to myself...can't say that i haven't tried but it just don't feel the way i would like it to feel, so i don't bother, i go right for the kills, whack my bean-nut for a few seconds and voila!! twitch, be out of air for a few, feel my legs weak, close my eyes and rest...and done til the next time :)

4.  Cum, are you a fan?  Explain and expound.

I am a fan of cumin! yes, yes, of course! i like cumin just for the thrill!!!
as far as liking Cum as in swallowing! excuse me, but my mother taught me to clean up after myself...slurp slurp.
just a suggestion!
eat pineapple and kiwi, the cum will taste soooo good and sweet!! just saying!

5.  Does it creep you out to know that God is watching you as you're fucking?

actually, nope, when he said to multiply (including practice) he didn't say kneel and pray, i am more creeped out about the fact he might be watching while i am playing with myself (which happens too often)

BONUS:  Tell us something sexy that happened to you this week.

other than been my sexy self, nothing much!! at least nothing sexy! 


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love the O-face gif, that's me! that's what i look like!

*gathering up pineapples and kiwis as i type*


Atiya Luv said…
lol, now i know what you look like cumin!

mmmm pineaples and kiwi!! delish, yummy yum!!

Anonymous said…
1. You are always horny :D

2. Good answer, I think you understood the question.

4. Too funny…my mother taught me to clean up after myself

Bonus: Well that is plenty :)

Happy TMI Tuesday,

Atiya Luv said…
I know!! gosh! i hope i calm down once i start getting it on the regular!
glad i understood the question o.O

thanks H~!
Jack and Jill said…
I can relate to your answer to #1. I'm the same way. "Thinking about sex" is the default setting for my brain.

Your description of your self-love activities in #3 was really hot. We'd love to peep on you making love to yourself sometime. ;)

Kiwi, huh? Never really thought of that. I've been eating pineapple for years to improve the way my cum tastes, but never kiwi. I might have to try that and see what Jill thinks.


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