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2 Dates over the weekend *rolls her eyes*

I have no problems getting dates, my problem is keeping them, going through with heart is really not set on it because is not what I want...but making an effort here.

my outfit!

But this is what happened...

Date #1

We met for lunch, it was pleasant, we talked a lot, we had some things in common, but on my behalf there were no sparks, no chemistry and definitely no physical attraction.
He showed up very well dressed, but was wearing sandals with socks. 
He also had a pillow he used to support his lower back...didn't mind the pillow but the sandals with socks on? was def a turn off. 
I don't know, the shape I saw him in, having to stretch his legs, sit in certain positions cause it bothered his knees and feet.  The first thought that went through my mind "this dude can't keep up with me"
I have to give it to him though...extremely smart and eloquent. 
I noticed at one point he put something in his mouth, he did it so fast but I was paying attention, I am very was tobacco...yuk.  that makes people spit and I don't think that is also sexy...

I can't see myself with him in the long use to have any more contact with him.
We don't even know each other long enough and he is already writing homework assignments he wants me to do o.O
yeah...OK buddy.
one of the "instructions was that he wanted me to think about cock worshiping and masturbating but not allowed to cum...and he also attached a pic of his "cock" to the email so I can have a vivid imagination while doing so...he also attached a story he wanted me to read about cock worshipping he found online and to read it carefully so I understood what he wanted me to do, I open the attachment, the story is great! I was wowed!! Wish i was able to post it here!
I proceeded to open the picture of his cock, and what do i see?  a girl holding his cock about to pleasure him o.O serious?  am I the only one that sees this totally wrong?


while that might be arousing to some people to me it was disrespectful...If I am getting to know a guy to probably build something for the future, do you think it was proper for him to send such picture?  in my eyes...that was wrong and the biggest turn off!!!

I wrote an email explaining to him how I felt, of course he was very sorry and wanted to start all over answer:....

Date #2

X-marine, looked like a state trooper/cop.
I took him to a birthday party I was invited to.  He did well, interacted well among the Spanish people, he enjoyed the food, he drank beer, even danced a song with me :)

There were things he did that kind of annoyed me...he kept wrinkling his nose, if he thought that was meant to make him look cute, well, it didn't.  He kept putting his finger in mouth, deep in his mouth, looked like one of his molars was bothering him.

While driving to our destination he kept looking around, on alert, searching for something, as if he was trying to remember where I was taking him, or maybe looking for UFO's...I don't know, it was just weird!
oooh so quiet, didn't try to make conversation which surprised me cause he was all chatty chat on the phone, it was not the same at all, not the same vibe!!

When I took him home, a little kissing was involved BUT then his hands started wondering towards my breasts, I wanted to go with the flow, so I let him...then his lips went across my cheeks and he whispered in my ears "will my babygirl sock her Daddy's cock?
Saaaay whaaat?? I don't know you like that man!!!

I stopped him dead on his tracks...reminded him it is our first date, that he was lucky enough he went to second base, which I allowed, but it was rather fucked up on his behalf to ask me for a blow job on our first Date!

What kind of shit is that?

I texted him the next day, he acted cold...I already erased his number.

Does anyone else take it slow anymore? 
Specially in this type of relationship...Trust must be built first in order to start doing certain things...Maybe I am missing the entire scenario here.

I was clear when I said, I am celibate!!! haven't been sexually active in 18 months and will not engage in any type of sexual activity until I feel comfortable enough with a person...get to know each other, date, do things together...but people don't want to wait.
They have rules that you have to have sex by the third date at least is what I hear from most of the guys I know, that if a female is not willing to kick it in by the third date, they lose interest! that is not worth it, they can get pussy any time they want.
but if we do it and give it  up on the first date then we are called hoes! If I am not worth the wait, then you are not worthy of me or my time.

Fuck ya'll, this pussy is mine, I know her capabilities, her potential, I am proud of what I can do with it, and I have a choice... My Choice who will be the one to experience this! and when I am ready!!

Sincerely Yours


Uma said…
Interesting experiences. Glad that you are on the court and trying things. Also pretty surprised that you took him out to B'day party you were invited to. That was generous. Also, it was also generous on your part to go kissing on the first date. Sad, that guys directly get into "cock" and "pussy" business without even knowing each other too well. I thought he was just the booty call type but could ve been more patient and respectful.

Glad that you have so many choices and you may take it slowly and choose well.

It is awesome to share this on your blog and it requires a certain degree to courage and openness.

Good luck.

AtiyaLuv said…
oh that is nothing, my dating scene is like a horror show!!
and yes, by him moving too fast gave me the impression that he was just looking for a BC.

thank you UM

Uma said…
Yes, sad. But true. He should ve behaved well and treated with more respect and care. Quite frankly, men are visual creatures and maybe he couldnt resist a hottie like you. He He. BC is okay and natural i think but as long as you have respect and manners.


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