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"Frankenstorm" is coming

So  many people preparing!

The supermarkets are full, lines are ridiculous! almost 45 minutes standing there, of course knowing me, I always wait til the last minute to get ready, and it seems that I am not the only one...traffic is no different, every where you turn a huge line, geeez.
People are freaking out and getting ready for what is to come.  They are really taking it to the heart.  I actually went out because my son is a bit nervous, he made a list of things he thinks we may need, lol.  He included plywood and 2x4's, he was thinking of sealing our windows, he is too funny!!!

I hope is not that bad, usually I don't prepare so well, I do have candles, matches, gallons of water, I think the flashlights are somewhere in the house...battery for an old radio just in case (already tested the thing), we even have a plan in case we don't have power...I never thought I would be so ready for something.

I guess is because last year when we had the ice storm and we lost power for 3 days I was not ready at all!! but it also took a lot of us by surprise, we weren't expecting that!
Ready this time around, no more surprises here...

Schools are canceled in New Hampshire already, in NY as of 7pm tomorrow night no public transportation and they are putting boards at the entrance of subways to avoid flooding...tell me they are not really getting ready for something massive?  scary shit!
Governor Deval Patrick also announced state offices will be closed tomorrow, but I have to check on that, this came from another source (neighbor). 
NY senator or governor, I can't recall what he is, is saying not to panic...they are taking all this precautions and telling us not to panic, I don't know about anyone else, but when the government tells me not to panic you best believe I am going to panic!!

Hope, Wish and Pray everyone stays safe.

Sincerely Yours


Uma said…
Play safe! Stay safe and stay indoors. Blog more.

AtiyaLuv said…
Staying in doors for sure and I have much to blog about!!

Thanks UM and welcome to my world.


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