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People are so angry!

What is wrong with people this days?

they are so angry!

Seems like a lot of people are in a bad mood lately.  The stress and the pressure of the every day life seems to be getting to them.

Snapping, bad attitudes, negativity - what is this world coming to?

I may have my down days but it takes a lot for people to notice.  Always with a huge smile, I treat all the same, friendly, loving...and at least 90% of the time is what i get back from everyone around me.

Noticing that nobody really says good morning anymore.  Smiles are rare.  No courtesy

I get really concerned at times with so much violence in this world, the killing of children, women...What is happening?

now they are talking about a shortage of food for next spring...and how expensive it is going to be.
I don't know about anyone else but I am going to start growing my own veggies soon!!

Crazy people are becoming more crazy, tons of drama around.
There are more killing now and more deaths than before, ok, I understand that there are more people in the world than before, media and technology makes it easier for us to hear everything that is going on as well, but shit, it is scary!!

Has anyone noticed that there is lower tolerance around us?  Family and friends are a bit different than before?  the negative vibrations and the change in personality?

I have been meditating for almost two years now.  I go through my little stages of down time but I keep my head up, I try to keep grounded but my consciousness high above the clouds.
I fight against all negativity around me and when I notice the energy is bad I get away, run as fast as i can.
I am teaching my kids to always be positive, ignore the negative vibrations around them.  We talk more, interact more, I have a close relationship with them.  When something goes wrong we discuss things, we look at the brighter side of things, we find the positive in the negative.

I stopped watching the news, there are times I glance at it, more for the weather than anything else.
I really Don't want to be fed more negative vibrations than we are already feeling and experiencing all around us, as if that wasn't enough.

Treat others as you want to be treated.
Love everyone the same
if someone is an asshole towards you, treat them with respect, they probably need a hug!
Help others when they need it (without expecting anything back) and don't wait to be asked either, if you know someone needs your help, ask...the worse that can happen is that they will say no.

One Love People!!!

Sincerely Yours


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