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Update on Resolutions ~October~

October - full of emotions in every way, trying to find my spot in the world...a bit lost at times, but focused most of the time.

**I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure.  I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle...but if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best**
"Marilyn Monroe"

1. Get fit - make and exercise plan and a meal plan and stick to it!!
Yikes is all I have to say, I did great at the beginning but I hit an emotional roadblock and everything seemed to go downhill from there, but I am hitting healthy, watching what I am eating...hoping to start the gym again...

2. Budget! Budget! Budget!

OMG!! seems like October had it out for me!! but I will get back on track soon!

3. GET ON THE ROAD - Register my vehicle! DONE

4. Become a US citizen...yaaayyy - in the process!!

Things had to be postponed, I guess this resolution is going to be on next year resolutions!!! lmao

5. Organize myself and keep up!

ugh, i have my days that I am a work I am doing wonderful, at home is more like bleh....everything cleaned and organized..but my room...looks like a closet right about now!!!

6. Sit down on a weekly basis and review my goals, accomplishments, where I went wrong, what needs readjustment/improvement.

I keep doing what keeps me together at the moment, writing everything down is a reminder, a to-do list...things i need to accomplish!!

7. Read a book every month!
Finished reading The New Rules of Attraction :) - Now I just have to put it into action...but I do have to go out to accomplish some of the things she says I need to be doing...

Currently reading 101 Great Philosophers 'Makers of Modern Thought'

8. Meditate

Where would I be without it? 
brings me peace, tranquility and makes everything just seem brighter and better, i feel i can conquer everything that comes my way!

9. Move to a bigger apartment (this is a maybe, the price for this little place is great, if I can match this price is a done deal) ADDING TO THIS
just fixing the old place, not ready for any moves as of yet...

10. Travel and make plans for travel :) ... there are so many places I want to visit.

no travel plans as of yet...with winter here that will not be happening any time soon!!!

11. Socialize more! make new friends, interact a bit more.
Trying to...I dated but all disasters, but i don't see as something bad, just a lesson learned, keep looking, keep trying.
I have met up with old friends while making new ones :)
12. Work on Procrastination!!.

I still have my issues, but I work on them as soon as I remember

13. Corset training
I really want to do this!! might give myself that for a bday gift!!

14. Start building my own toy box even if they are not getting used

very first toy!! and my only toy!! LMAO

**that is the only thing I have**

15. Get control of my eating habit and blood pressure!

Moringa :) helped lower my blood pressure and has kept it down...yahoooo!!
I also added Chia seeds!! wonderful!!

16. hobby! Plants :)
Very soon I am going to have to build a green house...they are just blooming!!!

17. Join the Y

Decided to go to the gym instead, waaay cheaper, the Y is like $61 a month while the gym is only $20, makes a huge difference if you ask me.

Tons of changes at work, I think they had an idea I wanted to make a change so they are doing everything possible to make me feel comfy and stay...but I am not sure, I need a total change, all around.
It was a hurtful and emotional month, so many things happened that I expected for a long time but not was prepared.
Budget fell and it was getting to me, but faith got me through it!
Just tried giving dating a chance and already feeling like I want to give up...really, i am not the dating type, I suck at it! but I am not giving up, the right one will make his appearance soon :)
but to b
Lets see what November brings!!

Sincerely Yours


Uma said…
Looks like you are doing pretty well. In every aspect physically and emotionally. Finances and relationships are on the way and hope to see some success in November.

AtiyaLuv said…
thank you Uma, I appreciate that very much!


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