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A different kind of thanksgiving

((hope this goes well, writing from my phone))

Give a Latino/Spanish person a reason to party and we take it to the next level!

While most people have already eaten by 6 pm the latest, by that time we are either still doing the last preparations for the feast, or getting ready, we dress up to the max, I think we exaggerate, just a bit..

Our time to eat is usually 8 pm...late enough for people to arrive.
I don't know if you ever heard the term American time or Spanish see, you tell an American party starts at 6 people are already there by want us to get there at 6, you have to tell us is by 4...i don't know why, but we are wired like that...although in this country we learn that late is not a good thing, and some of us adapt while others struggle with it.  That does not apply to our family functions, EVER! but we respect the elders and we know when they say 8 they mean 8!
Rice with beans, white rice, turkey, 2 pork shoulders, macaroni salad with ham and another one with shrimp, potato salad, green salad, lasagna, sweet plantain sorta of a Sheppard's pie but instead of potatoes we use plantain, and we also make a regular Sheppard's pie...but Latin flavor style. (mind you, we put the turkey on the table because it is thanksgiving, tradition, but is the last thing to be touched or eaten, it is actually the meat that the latecomers get to eat, and the one we are eating for days, in sandwiches, with rice, we have turkey for 3 or 4 days straight in every way possibly cooked, is disgusting, oh, and they don't let us make anything different, nope, not until all that turkey is glad is only once a year))

All this food usually adorns the table...people eating, drinking, drinking games, watching games, the Pats kicked ass by the way!!! We rocked the Jets, woooo that coach was pissed!!

So much going on at the same time.  We are not even done eating thanksgiving dinner and already planning Christmas eve dinner...already feeling exhausted just thinking about it.  Are you kidding me?  Wait a few days at least.

I left the party early, did not feel like celebrating much...but in the little time i was there i enjoyed myself very much.  I heard party ended around 3

Hope everyone enjoyed their day!!

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Uma said…
Enjoy your yearend starting with thanks giving! Glad to find that you are making effort to lift your spirits and stay positive.
AtiyaLuv said…
Thanks Uma! One day at a time :)

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