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How to lose a girl in less than a week

Even though I am not a serious dater I have been in a few dates (3-4 this year), but I have friends who are out there in the dating scene...

Understandable that there must be chemistry when meeting someone, there has to be that click, that comfortable feeling...I began to think about what it is about this guys that turn me off so quickly, one date and before it is over I am just hoping they feel the same way about me. 
Seems like I am not the only one who feels this way, at work everyone is fishing "POF'ing), so you can imagine I have friends who go on dates almost every day of the week!  and the horror stories, lol, that's the fun part :)

I am sure men have their own list, which would be very funny to actually compare with the one I am about to make.

This list was put together by 8 special ladies in my circle of friends and of course moi :)

1.  Don't wear sandals with socks - It is already a no-no in the style community as is for us girls (sandals with socks or with pantyhose) and I am sorry but it should be the same for a guy...besides, you should not be wearing sandals to a first date unless it is summer and going to a beach, lake..etc. (Ladies there are certain high heels you can wear with fish net pantyhose and it is acceptable)

**Lady J says...hell no, a bitch shows up with sandals and pantyhose on, i will tell her to go to the bathroom and take them shit off, I am not going to be seen with someone wearing something like that.
**Lady W says...I would turn around after seen him, call him from the car and tell him it is not going to work out
**Lady M says...turn around, walk away
**Me...well, I gave the guy the benefit of the sue me!!!
**All the Girls...LAUGH at me

2.  It is really uncomfortable for a woman listening to a man bash and old girlfriend, calling her names, just saying negative things about other women in general, if this is the way you are expressing yourself about her, if this don't work out will you be saying the same about me? eeeek, goodbye buddy

**Lady W says...walk out for me, of course after telling him off
**Lady J says...that's why I love me my bitches, we don't talk about shit like that
**Miss B says...tell him off and leave
**Flaca...with Miss B on this, he will hear me about first!!

3.  Be honest about age, some guys say they are 43, but that is an old profile, I am actually 52! o.O

** happened to me!!!
**Lady W says...I usually get the young ones "laughs" MILF status
**Miss B says...If i like him, i don't care about age

4.  Don't talk about certain health issues, some women get turned off at the fact a man that can't keep up with them

**Lady W says...if a guy complaints he can't walk, or back issues, oh no, i smile and will never pick up a call
**Me...I had an image of pushing a wheel chair in five years from now
**Lady M says...that's what you get from wanting to date older guys!
**All the Girls...LAUGH at me

5.  haha, this is a good one, thanks Lady M!! Don't expect anything on the first date, women tend to change their mind, we are emotional creatures and sometimes we may go to a date with an intention of doing something but we back down at the last minute, maybe because of a turn off during the date or something like that.

**my two cents...if there was nothing agreed upon prior to the date and things are not working out, say it, tell him before he thinks he is been led on
**Lady W says...if I am not attracted even if I agreed to something I will back down
**Miss B...I always keep my word, but it will depend upon the chemistry.

6.  When first getting to know a woman by phone/text don't ask for naked or sexy picture, it is a red flag you are just looking for a booty call, that usually sends a signal.

**Miss B says...I'm a lil'hoe I like to show off...they want pics I will give it to them, i like to tease.
**Me:  I cut communication, if my face is not good enough or pictures with clothes on, than you are just after one just makes me feel uncomfortable, unless we have een texting, communicating, and talking for a while.
**Lady M says...they wish
**Lady W says...I cut them off, i erase their number, don't answer their phone calls, or texts
**Lady J says...I like to entice my women, hell yea I share sexy pictures (she is a lesbian)

7.  When on the first date and some kissing is involved, don't just bluntly ask for a blow job, inside a car!!! to me that is disrespectful, and makes a woman feel cheap!
are you kidding me!!

**me...walking the hall of shame "Asshole"
**Lady J says...haha, n***a just wanted to get blown
**Lady W says...I would have sucked his dick and when he was about to cum stop and leave him with blue balls "revenge motherfuuuuckaaaa"
**Miss F says...SMACK!!!
**Miss B says...hahahaha
**Lady M says...I would have pulled a Lorena Bobbit...mmmhhmmm!!

8.  If a girl ask you to go out that night don't just say "well, i don't have money to spend right now, have to wait til next week" you stupid funk!!
ask her to your house (if already acquainted with each other), have some popcorn and a movie, nice conversations, don't say your broke, but if you have to say anything or feel you need to bring your finances to the table at least say you had some extra expenses you were counting on, low on cash but we can do this.....

**Lady W says...that's right MO'FO, that's why you got your ass dumped! didn't make it to the first date!!
**All the Girls..."Laughing"

9.  If a girl is more into her phone, twitter, facebook than she is into know is over right there!!

**Lady W says..."guilty" she has both her arms up with the phone in hand waving it back and forth
**All the Girls...."Laughing"

10.  Don't talk about your sexual experience with other women, how many orgasms you gave them, how good you gave it to is a turn off, we really don't wan to hear those things honestly, yes, there are women who like that, but before you get into that type of conversation make sure the person feels comfortable about discussing such things.

**Lady M believe it, i don't be saying how Gerome got a big, fat cock
**Lady W says...turn off!
**Miss B says...i hate that!!
**Flaca says...i just start talking about how good and big my x had it, when i see them getting uncomfortable I let them know...doesn't feel good, does it?

11.  If the relationship gets sexual...if and when having sex it is rather rude and a huge turn off asking the girl if that is the biggest dick they had, or asking, is this the best sex you ever had?  has anybody sucked your pussy this good?  has anyone fucked you this good?
why would you like to know about my old/past sexual experiences and while having sex with me?  what will happen if we are honest? 

**Me...OMG, LMFAO!!!!
**Lady M says...yeah n***a I had better
**Lady W says..Iny weeny teeny weeny, shriveled little short dick man!! haha
**Miss B says...I stop him right there and tell him is just him and I having sex and to concentrate on us. I fucking hate that shit.

12.  Sometimes a little flirting goes a long way, but it is great when also keeping it clean to a certain level.  Some girls like to move slow and take their time.  Read the signs, if you talk about sex or mention something sexually and a girl does not answer to it, giggles, blushes, turns her head, IT IS A CUE..stop, it is making her uncomfortable, tone it down, or just cut it out, now, if she responds and gives you the go ahead, than it is OK, just learn to distinguish those signs.  some guys tend to get very graphic on their first day.
"cant wait to suck on that pussy"
"cant wait til you submit"
"i am having an image of fucking you on this table"
"let's go to my car and park somewhere"

**Lady M says...that's why they get told off!! and don't get a second date!
**All the Girls...Agree

13.  Don't make all conversations about sex from the beginning to the end of the date...turn off!!

**Lady M just tells me he went there for one reason only, to get laid
**All the Girls...we agree with Lady M

14.  When getting to know each other, usually the first week, if the guy does not show interest, than he is not that into to you...
When you like someone and things click you want to hear from that person, you will text or email in the morning or through the day to see how their day is going, if the chemistry was right plans will be made to meet up through that week, coffee, bookstore, movie, sit somewhere and talk, or just have silly conversations at night before going to bed, looking forward to the next day to hear from them back again, you want to get to know that person, who they are, what they like, makes them tick, you just want to be a part of them.

**Lady M says...that's a fucking fairy tale, you need to get down of that high horse
**Lady W says...that is how it should be, when I hit it off with a guy is usually like that
**Miss B says...but that is the way that it should be if you are really interested and like the person
**Flaca says...if there is a connection and chemistry that is the way it will happen, it is something that just happens automatically...that of course if the interest is mutual.

15.  When asking a girl out, I believe the man should make the plans, take care of every detail!! I hate it when I am asked, so where you want to go?  What you want to do?  Obviously if we are trying to get to know each other and is a first date, somewhere quiet to talk in order to get to know each other, or somewhere fun like an arcade to have fun and see how we interact in that kind of environment.  If I was the one to ask you out, I would make all the plans from beginning to end!  this I have a problem with at times...

**Lady W says...I hate when they do that...if you asking me out is because you know where you wanna take me
**Lady M says...I don't take no chances, i tell them where i want to go, what i want to do and what i want to eat

16.  We are living in a physical world...It is amazing how some guys are looking for the perfect body, and all the perfect components in a girl, I carry a few extra pounds, but I am beautiful, exotic, sensual, erotic and I know what i can bring to the table...but a lot of men tend to be very superficial.

**Lady W says...I had 4 kids, i don't look perfect and  i had some nice guys turn me down cause my body is not perfect, or the way they expect it to be
**Lady M says...can't talk shit, can't relate, I'm fat!
**Miss B only want me for my body, i know that, so i use it to get all i want from that "looks at her shoes putting her leg way up high in the air to show us" you think i can afford this on my salary, my great ass got me this
**Flaca ....shakes her head
**All the Girls...Laugh

17.  While there are women who are out to get men to buy them stuff, pay their bills, there are nice girls just looking for that person to love to love them back, don't put all women under the same category!  Give them the benefit of the doubt

**Lady M says... i work hard for my money..hahahaha
**Lady W says...yeah, but i don't want no cheap bastard either
**Miss B says...fuck that, they want pussy and get a good night with me, they better take me shopping, sorry, but those Victoria secrets under wears they like to see me in cost money!

18.  Most girls I know will not go to a guys house for a first date, of course some will, but before you ask her to have a date night at your house make sure you plan ahead and everyone is in agreement of what is expected, rather uncomfortable to go to a guys house for dinner, wine and a movie and he is trying his best to get laid.

**Lady W says...never thought about it that way, agreement, this is true, some guys I would go over their house and they were waiting for me in their leopard bathrobes...should have known better
**Lady M says...never go to a guys house for a first date, not my style, public places
**Me...public places
**Miss B says...if i am feeling him and I think is right, agreement made, i am down.

19.  Honesty is the best policy, if you are not feeling that person don't lead them on just because you want to have sex!

**Flaca says...yeah and then never called after making promises and plans!!! I hope you get a disease
**Lady W says...ouch, happened once to me, now I do it to them
**Lady M says...that's why i don't give it up on the first day
**Me...yeah,  some guys just tell you what you want to hear at the moment so they can get what they want

20.  If you are dating more than one person, be open about it!

**Miss E says...OMG when i saw him at the bar with that girl I wanted to kill him!!
**Me...Amen girl
**Lady W says...yes, but you guys had not established a relationship yet, he was free to date other people but he should have let you know
**Flaca says...Where is monogamy this days!!!!????

21.  You know those emergency calls we get in the middle of a date, the ones, OMG i have to go my kid, or I had an emergency?  yeah, us girls have an agreement..."call me at a certain time, if the day is going well, i will say is good, or fine.  If the date is going bad I will just do my actress winning award act...BAMMM you just got walked out on!!

**Lady W says...I am the biggest offender here!! ya'll got my back
**Me...yes, i am usually the caller!!
**All the Girls...LAUGH

22.  If living with roommates, parents and you want to have a relationship with someone get ready to pay for some quality hotel time!! oh there are those that want to get it on in their car!! the first time! you kidding me?

**Lady W says...yeah, that's me, I am not bringing no guy to my me you ain't cheap, earn your way to my bedroom. and in a car for the first time?  dream on!!
**Lady J says...that's the bad shit about been a lesbian, and the top one, i have to be the one paying for shit, fuck you Lady W! cars are great...mmmmm
**Lady M says...i dont' bring no n***a to ma'house, they better pay for a hotel! and in the car? hahaha, how they gonna maneuver this fat little legs I have in a car? they need a van!
**Me...Car?  nope nope nope, unless we are in a established relationship (and then we can do it on the hood, in the care, trunk, in alleys, behind dumpsters) *grins*
In a nice room, comfortable to explore, be adventurous...

so far that is all we have been able to come up with, but those are the red flags and turn offs discussed today...
I know some women are not perfect and men may have their own views and complaints, but not all women are the same and they should be able to tell or distinguish the difference, that is why it is important to communicate, get a feel of the person who you are about to meet. 

I really enjoyed writing this post :)

Sincerely Yours


Uma said…
That is one big list! Most of them reasonable though. But quite frankly, the pitfall is the expectation of both men and women during a date. After the first date(perhaps even before that), men are most likely looking for some sort of physical contact. Perhaps some good kissing, better still sex. But sadly, girls may not be ready for it yet. And quite rightly so. The expectation mismatch cause havoc. Lets be honest, girls are dressed to kill! Literally. Cant stop myself looking at the gorgeous cleavage waiting to pop out and fall onto the coffee table. During this time, you know what is running in my mind!

Wel written though!
AtiyaLuv said…
I know, I know, is a long list but it has to do with respect and knowing what is expected, COMMUNICATION is key!!
be on the same page...and not only that is a problem, but some guys don't even like the girl, they have no intentions of calling back the next day, but they try hard to get a piece of pussy that night!!

I can understand if kissing is involved a few things may rise *grins* but respect above all...
but that is my point of view, the girls think differently of course.


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