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Things ended, moving forward

I am fine.

I am doing well...

Master and I decided that the distance and having no time to spend together it is best that we remain...friends and stay in touch with each other.

No doubt there is love between us, but in the past year we have grown apart.

I am not hurting for we both understand the reasons for the decision...and I am totally fine with it.

He wants me to find someone that will be able to be there for me when I need him and take proper care of me, something that he can't do because of how far apart we are.

I feel better and more free to date now that I know I have been "released"...I have gone out on several dates (one timers) but just a few days ago I met someone whom I call "Papa Bear"
...I like him :) first guy I meet since Master that I feel I have a connection with, we laugh a lot together, we enjoy each others company...still I am a bit off about it, I don't think he is into me as much as I am into him...but hey, I am just assuming here...all I know is that the times we have spent together he makes me feel happy, we joke around, and oh how I love his Itanglish!!!

Is there a future there?  Only time will tell.

We had a conversation in which he says that he wanted to go slow, if things happened they happened, that we never know, that either he may fall for someone else or the same might happen to me...who knows, I am going with the flow right now.  I only have one problem...when it comes to intimacy, when I sleep with a guy, I can't sleep with anyone else, yeah, I know I need to take up some hoeish lessons (how to give it up without feeling guilty and enjoy every moment of it)

I am a very luvy, touchy, extremely attentive, caring woman, I pay close attention to details, even the little details that are not expected to be noticed...I really hope I can find someone like that, because I like the attention, the early morning calls, the surprise text messages or phone calls and maybe emails.  ya know...the little things.

I had an incident yesterday which I will post about after...
I called him to tell him about it but he was sleeping, it was way too early in the morning...he sent me a text that morning asking me how I was feeling and such and I told him again what had happened, how scared I was, etc., and you know what....I didn't get a call all day long, I heard from him that evening by yeah, kinda made me think...girl he is not really that into you!
Ok, yah, we have gone on two dates only, but shit, if a girl you are interested in goes through an almost death experience, I would be on that phone at least to ask, hey you ok?  no, he just sent me a text asking me if I was ok...I think that is so impersonal and in some ways, does not show much interest if you ask me, but that is my take on it!!  we are not all the same, and we can't expect everyone to be the way we are ...

for now that is all the updates I have so far

...oh and WoW Day is about to start!!!

Sincerely Yours



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