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Consequences of breaking up

Today I am taking the day to go through all my accts and emails and change all the passwords.

I didn't keep secrets from "him", needless to say, he had all the passwords to my accounts.
Is not like he is going to go through my stuff, but still, is something I need to do, must do.

Since we spent so long in Second Life, it is full of memories, those I am just putting in a folder, but having to go through each AV and each inventory, pffft that's a lot of work...i am sure it will take me a few days (2 if I rush it).

My emails are all set :) everything on folders; no, I dont get rid off anything, lol, I am hoarder of say the least , I still have the first letter my X•husband wrote to me in 1993, talk about saving things...

I really want to thank the people who are there for me, helping me get through.
Time heal all wounds, and I was wounded very deeply, but like my friends say "baby girl, is his loss, when he realizes what he lost, he will regret it"
I dont want him to regret a thing, and I am sure he is not regretting it or will regret it, my only concern is me, moving on, and healing.

To help in the process of healing I was told, never to leave things unsaid, to tell that person exactly how I am feeling, not to leave anything lingering, etc., and I did just that, I said what I had to say...and I am feeling so damn good about it, and myself :)

It is harder when one has been hurt, I can't recall the last time i felt so hurt, I think is the fact that I didn't expect certain things from such person, and thought he was different, in the end he was just like the rest...
This experience will make me stronger and a better person, but is gonna take time for me to ever trust again.

Sincerely Yours

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Fondles said…
i'm so sorry. sending you some positive thoughts and strength!
AtiyaLuv said…
Thank you very much :) greatly appreciated.
Malcolm said…
"... he was just like the rest"

I felt this was ominous. Will the next one be just like the rest? This is the first time I have read your blog so I know nothing about you; but I do feel concerned about that remark.
AtiyaLuv said…
I am not generalizing Malcom
"just like the rest" more in the form of where him and I met, how most guys/girls will handle certain situations instead of just been honest and comfronting the person as they should, rather than hiding or the lies they have to make up...a long story sorta...

hope you had a nice Christmas :)
and happy New Year!

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