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Kneeling at home in Second Life

Sometimes when in love we give the person attention, we nurture them, we find every given possible way to make them feel loved, cared for, and of course constantly work with them to improve the relationship.

Since it is great to feel loved, respected, appreciated, and to know we have our better half backing us up 100% in everything we set out to do, and decisions we make, good or bad, knowing that someone will always be there to support us through thick and thin, not judge us for who we really are, accept and love our faults/imperfections as much as they appreciate our perfections and success...
It is what I wanted to give and gave in my last "relationship" affair.

Unfortunately there are people who believe because a person gives 100% of themselves to another and the relationship that they have become the center of their universe and probably do not have a life aside from them.

People are only as important in our lives as we make them out to be, the importance that we give that individual.  A person only matters if you make them matter...A person only have power over you if you allow them to.

Of course it is painful when any relationship ends, specially when there are feelings involved, but one thing probably this person forgot about me is the strength I have, the self love!
I love myself!
I respect myself!
and I appreciate the woman that I am!
It is the reason why I am able to love so deeply, because love is in me!

in the famous words of Frank Crane
"You will be deceived if you trust too much, but you will live in torment if you don't trust enough"
needless to say, I trusted too much.
but i also believe
"is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all"

I was hurting...
But for two days now a light went on!

The aches, the pain, the empty feeling have been replaced and almost non-existent.

What a great feeling!

Sincerely Yours


Uma said…
Good luck and great going! Nice to find that you have rebound and all up and running.
AtiyaLuv said…
A light went on Uma! A very bright light :) coming back stronger and better

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