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Resolutions ~December~

my birth month
so many changes, drastic changes in a month
learning to forgive, forget and keep walking
A new year
new resolutions (not carrying ol'baggages from 2012)

**Sometimes, our eyes need to be washed by our tears so that we can see life with a clearer view again**

1. Get fit - make and exercise plan and a meal plan and stick to it!!
I found my way, took me 11 months but I can say I am doing well!!
6 weeks to OMG - the book LOL incorporated a few of their methods and is slow progress, but I am healthier.
I see food in a different way
Looked for alternatives to a healthier way of eating and enjoying what I eat without compromising taste, and not feeling guilty of what I eat and when I eat it.

2. Budget! Budget! Budget!

On Track!!

3. GET ON THE ROAD - Register my vehicle! DONE

4. Become a US citizen...yaaayyy - in the process!!

Did not get done, I guess it will get done when it gets done...

5. Organize myself and keep up!

I love it!
is working

6. Sit down on a weekly basis and review my goals, accomplishments, where I went wrong, what needs readjustment/improvement.

Since I am doing so well in this department...I am going to do this at the end of the month.
After a year of keeping track it became a habit, applying it to my personal and emotional life in 2013

7. Read a book every month!
Still reading Utopia but put it down to read 6 weeks to OMG and it was well worth it! at least to me

8. Meditate

this will continue with me and will stay with me

9. Move to a bigger apartment (this is a maybe, the price for this little place is great, if I can match this price is a done deal) ADDING TO THIS
Haven't made up my mind, going with the flow, if the opportunity comes I will go for it

10. Travel and make plans for travel :) ... there are so many places I want to visit.

This year is going to be different!
i have a friends with skymiles willing to hand me over some free trips!! not bad for years end gift :)

11. Socialize more! make new friends, interact a bit more.
no Dating!!!
leaving anything that has to do romantically out of my path for at least a year, I know, I know, another year sexless, and emotionally lonely.
but is time to give "me" a chance
12. Work on Procrastination!!.

Because of the way that I am feeling and everything going on (inside) i am not procrastinating as much..
LOL, i miss that side of me *grins*

13. Corset training
I really want to do this!! might give myself that for a bday gift!!
bday passed and no corset but i have to say I don't need one at the moment for Aluv is getting this magnificent curves on her sides *shivers*

14. Start building my own toy box even if they are not getting used

very first toy!! and my only toy!! LMAO

**that is the only thing I have**

15. Get control of my eating habit and blood pressure!
woohoo and just in time for the years end!
i had an episode of a bad migraine on the 21st, BP was so high!! but!!! yes, there is a but, since then, no HBP...nothing like peace of mind, meditation, music and dancing to change a girls view

16. hobby! Plants :)
I feel like my house is turning into a jungle lol

17. Join the Y

Decided to go to the gym instead, waaay cheaper, the Y is like $61 a month while the gym is only $20, makes a huge difference if you ask me.

For next year I am not doing resolutions, I am setting goals monthly :)

Sincerely Yours


Fondles said…
i enjoyed this.

it was inspiring and i suppose since i'm not a resolutions kind of girl, it's fine with me that i will just be adding some of these wonderful ideas to my own life as and when i feel i am able.

and happy belated birthday!
AtiyaLuv said…
hi Fondles.
I did it every single month...LOL, it was hard at first but some just became routines and part of my everyday life...
It was fun at the same time, i enjoyed it very much :)

thank youuuu~~~

AtiyaLuv said…
Thank you Cougar!
I can't believe i did it!!

Most of them at least

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