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WTF is going on?

All this killings and violence is getting out of hand!!
The Oregon mall shooting, 2 dead, and they are calling it a miracle because the guy was just going crazy shooting all over the place and they are surprised that more people didn't die or get hurt

The temple in Wisconsin, where a white supremacist shot 10 people, killing 6..


The Aurora shooting at the movie theater for the batman premiere...59 injured and 12 dead...the shooter survived and then his lawyer excuses his actions saying that he is mentally ill...excuse me, he seems smart enough to me to know what he was doing, he even told the cops he booby trapped his apartment...ooook and he is mentally ill!!

Today tragedy hits the country once again, the elementary school shooting in Connecticut, last time I watched the update there were 20 children dead and 8 adults...and they found a body at the house of the shooter...
I didn't even know them and when I heard the news I began to cry.  Children! I mean, come on! How can someone just do such thing? 

My heart goes out to everyone who was affected by this tragedy, I know I am in shock, sad, angry, just completely out of words at times.
Praying for strength for the parents who lost their children, and for the family members of the teachers and other staff.

What is happening?

Is like there is no tolerance in this world anymore, and a lot of people are been tested this days too...i don't know if it's just me and some people I talk to that are noticing this issues, but is all over.
Now a days I am afraid to argue with anyone or contradict anyone in the streets, I'm afraid I'm gonna get shot!

ANGER and negative energies are all over...people arguing, looking for vengeance, parents killing their own kids, kids killing their parents, dishonesty, lies, deceit, road rage, mass shootings, and much more...
Yes, it has been going on for a while, but it is getting worse, and will continue like this until it is completely out of our hands.

I am disgusted!! shit, animals kill because they have to, either to survive or to protect themselves...and we have become a species that I am so very ashamed to be a part of, we are killing for fun, or the voices in the head, or for a believe, sometimes no excuses, suicides, bullying (serious, kids are so cruel this days), human trafficking, little girls and boys used as sex objects and sex slaves, country against country, maniacs as leaders, WTF is wrong with our race?

*** taking a break, too hyped up!!

I know there are a lot of good people out there, and there are many doing great things for humanity, and still all this evil going on, and continues to grow and taking over like a disease.
But I keep telling myself and I want to believe that good will prevail, that all of this will stop happening one day...

A school is suppose to make a child feel safe, parents should feel safe dropping off or sending their kids to school, but when things like this happens it makes us question if they really are, or what it's been done to keep them safe. 
Even us, as adults, how do we know we are safe when we leave our house on the morning...we still have those around going postal, or just getting depressed and going on an angry shooting spree.

I am devastated about this, and I keep going on and on wondering if we are ever going to get it...
Protect our children, they are our future.
Be kind and helpful to everyone.
I am sure that if we treated everyone as we want to be treated, things would be different.
Help people, offer them help, if you see someone is in need and lack something you probably can share, do so...
And we need to learn how to use the resources that our planet, our earth gives to us, nurture it.
We are killing our planet, our resources...
We need to set an example, I know I am, are you?

Just my take on it...I can keep going on complaining, letting it out...shock, I am still in shock...

Sincerely Yours

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