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A long, busy week


I am exhausted!

Can't get enough of my bed in the morning.

It has been a long week and dreading the next two weeks that are coming.  

I love to spend time with my family, specially when we are all together, but at the same time I like my privacy, I like time alone, ME time, and that is something I know I will not be getting for now, and/or probably for a while since my mother is back.

Brother is back in the US from Germany and will be stationed somewhere in California.  ROAD TRIP (for the near future, oh and really didn't mean road trip...that will be a long trip, from one end of the US to the other, pfffft, that's my entire vacation!)

We are making tons of plans, do something different every day and get away in the weekends.  We want to make sure our brother enjoys his time here, we don't get to see him as often as we would like, or spend time with him the way we want to, so when we get to be with him we spoil him rotten, we go to bed late, cooking, playing games, going out, the point is to ware him out and make sure he enjoys himself.

I took the day off yesterday, I was suppose to get some rest yet it seems it was the longest and busiest day of my entire week.
Through the snow, car getting stuck, late everywhere I went because for some reason in New England everyone forgets to drive when we are having bad weather, you would think they just moved to the state, or better yet, that we never have winters here.

Everything is going well aside from that.

Feeling very proud of myself and all of my accomplishments by far.  
I heard from my Papi a few days ago, we are suppose to have a sit down, and no, it has nothing to do with getting back together, it is impossible for that to happen, but at least we will clear any type of misunderstandings.
I never, ever burn any of my bridges, or ended a relationship in bad terms, and I am talking about any type of relationship...I dislike animosity, been angry, or holding grudges.  My heart is not capable of hate, I may get mad, sometimes say things out of anger, but I am a firm believer that the universe will provide, I believe in Karma, and I feel if I ever do wrong to someone, or make anyone suffer in any way it will come back to me or it will hit me where it hurts the most (my kids and family).

I am nervous even knowing that I am going to chat with him, trying to control my feelings, the darn butterflies, and when the day comes I am going to wrap my knees to tight I wont be able to bend them :(
man makes my knees go all wobbly, weak...even the thought of him, a letter, any signs from him will send my entire body into oblivious!

Things ended in November, and I can't believe I still feel the same way about him, my feelings...when will this feelings and emotions fade?

Blessings to all~~

Sincerely Yours



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