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Bad Bad GERMS ~flu season~

A bad flu season this year.

Massachusetts so far have 18 deaths because of it, everyone is sick all around, and we have 6 more weeks to go.

I called to make an appointment to take my son in and they are rearranging the schedule for tomorrow because they are overbooked, emergency rooms are filled with sick people, and they called a state of emergency here..yikes!

All three of my kids are sick, and I mean, really really sick!
My son is been having a fever on and off all week, my oldest had a stomach virus which is also going around, and the cold to go with it, middle child, poor baby :( , is worse on her...the fluids going to her ear and she is already a bit deaf as is, about to get dates for surgery for her hearing and she has to wait til the cold is completely gone.

I can't believe among all this germs I was sick for about a week only, but I also have to say that when it happened I was on it!
My grandmother used to make us ginger tea...
Ginger root (smash it), 1/4 of a green lime, and a small cinnamon stick...(boil) make a tea, use honey to sweeten and is great for the cough.  If you are stuffy, it will help too :)

I made my son drink the tea and  he hates it, he got better after that but he wont drink it again, UGH!! teenagers!

Home remedies is my thing, my specialty, I know about certain herbs, plants, roots that can be use as medicine, etc., paid of to grow up in DR *grins*
I had a very wise grandmother, she would take us along with her when she went on her herb hunt teaching us about them, what they did, what they were used for...etc.  She used to go all over the neighborhood, into the woods, sometimes near the river cause only certain plants grew near the was awesome!!

Although I am in the US I still stick to my roots, home remedies is my thing, and before I rush to a hospital for certain things I treat it at home first, if it doesn't work or gets worse then we go to a hospital.

I have been washing my hands like crazy, eating orange, cuties/clementines, drinking orange juice, having tea every night, I open all of the windows and doors to the apartment and air it out every day for at least 20 minutes to let the air circulate.
Taking every measure for me not to get sick again, I got it already but it didn't stick around that long, and it has not come back, I will keep doing the same thing as I have been doing, school this kids on doing the same as me, maybe if they listened to their mother they would've been better by now, but nooooo, we don't know shit and all we are good at is making their lives a living hell!  that works for me too.

I hope everyone is feeling alright, I know that DV was sicky wicky too!
Hope he is feeling better as well.

Take care, take vitamins and tons of vitamin C
Tea is they Key! LOL

HUGS to all!!
at least virtual hugs will not get you sick :)

Sincerely Yours


Uma said…
Sorry to hear this! Hope you are feeling better. Get well soon.
AtiyaLuv said…
Thanks Uma, I appreciate that.

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