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In need of down time

I have been on the go since I woke up.

To say the least I woke up late, bed was just so cozy, even though I was wrapped like a burrito I could tell the room was cold and there was no way, no how I was going to leave the warmth of my bed and comforter.
Time was flying, faster than usual...I remember the days I would lay in bed for about 20 minutes each morning just thinking about him and...of our love :) time spent together *sighs* how great we are together, alike...oh dang


There was no time to meditate, I pulled the covers to the side, shit, I was right, the room was freezing, I made a run to the bathroom...

To make a long story short, I was ready and out the door on time but we had some snow last night and it made the roads slippery this morning...yes, once again people forget they live in New England and with it they forget how to drive.  I was on time dropping off my son to school but I was late to work.

Work felt like a Monday, so much to do and limited time...I had to leave :) personal reasons...those who follow me on twitter know my ordeal, ugh, I dislike rush hour!

Once again, spending time with mom and brother
Mom is giving me the know, the put that phone down or I'm gonna break it over your head look...yup, that's scary

I am feeling so disconnected! When they are at my house I can't go near a computer, cell phone, or my room, I have to stay next to my mom or she will follow me all over the apartment, I can't hide, go anywhere.  She makes all of us put our cell phones away, and it really makes a few of us edgy, lmao, I sometimes see my little sister biting her nails!

I love her dearly and I miss her when she is not around, but gosh, sometimes is like having a sisters are so slick, they know how to play it off and squeeze themselves out of having to spend more time with her than Lil'bitches, but not tonight! I made sure my house was off limits!
Who's laughing now?

After Sunday it will be a bit different, my brother will be going home, not back to Germany, yaaaaay, staying in the states, duty in California *claps happily* no more duties over seas.
I will be able to get out of work, go straight home, do a bit of second life, blog, lurk, and lurk some more, now I'm on Pinterest, go figure, lol, the important thing is that i will be able to go back to my normal activities, at least it is important to me, might be an inconvenient to others *grins*

I wanna go home so bad, here we are just watching catfish on demand and criticizing everything is going on with those poor souls!

Just one more hour...
One more hour...
Teleport! (tp me)
Beam me up Scotty
Clicking my heels together
I so wish I had a DeLorean
A remote control like in click


Just ride it out


As if I had an option...not!!

This post is me just thinking out loud...

Sincerely yours

Sent from my Windows Phone


Dee said…
Certainly sounds like you need some down time. I need some after reading it :) hehe

Dee x
AtiyaLuv said…
it has been horrible!! I don't even look forward to going home anymore!
*grins* hope you rested :)

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