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Week 1

Instead of making resolutions for the entire year this year I am making weekly goals.
Some I will try to do weekly
others will be just scratched out as I complete them, etc.

Week one was great!!

Everything I said I was going to do I did
medidate - i write it down even though is a habit already as is
I follow a menu
I am taking a healthy lunch and things I need to consume through the day at work
Keeping up with low carbs, had an off yesterday, and just going to be more strict today.
Gym 3x a week
Cook every single day
Fix myself each and everyday, even if I am home, or going down the street to the store, always look my best (thanks mom!!)

I am feeling very happy this days, at peace, content, I can breath.

I added a page of pictures i took mostly every day in 2012 with a little caption on it...funny to look back and recap.  (the original says more intimate stuff, i had to actually cut some sentences out and do some readjustments..)

I am doing the same things this year *grins*

I know everyday cannot be a great day, or a good day, I will encounter points of a day in which I will probably get upset for one reason or another, or have my down days, those dreadful PMS days and ugh, how I hate my period!! 
I have decided to turn those days around
Already know what to expect, why not be prepared and turn my mood around instead of just drooping around like I usually do, that is about to change :)

Change is hard, is a working progress, creating new habits, breaking old habits, I am all up for it!

In conclusion

I did well, I am proud of myself, getting mentally prepare for a new week
The best thing and what I learn last year is take one day at a time
Don't rush things
If the situation does not change, don't wait around wondering, take action!
Make the best of each day, I can turn any bad situation around, I can control how I feel

Sincerely Yours 


Anonymous said…
Good for you! This is a great idea and I think it makes it easier to accomplish them.
Do you mind if I steal this idea? :) I actually think my whole family could benefit from it.

Good luck on next weeks! I'd love to see them.
AtiyaLuv said…
Thanks Emi! It works out perfect, small goals on a weekly basis by the time the year ends and I look back, the accomplishments will be tremendous!!
Hope it works out for you, will be checking your progress too :)

Fondles said…
great idea. this sets you up for more success!

Uma said…
Dont doubt yourself! You are doing amazingly well.
AtiyaLuv said…
thanks Uma, I love how you pump me up!!

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