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Week 2 "Goals"

What a week!!!

I am almost done with my goals, but I still have a few hours left.

Medidate 5-7 days - I meditated 5 days only, I was sick, son was just been awful with the flu

Dress up every single day and fix hair - Done!! and yes, even when sick I still looked great!

Update blogs SL/RL if there is updating to be done - hehe, my SL has been a bit busy, still trying to get in the swing of things, meeting new people, making little changes here and there...same with this blog, my TMI and my WoW day pics are still up to date.

Keep house organized - Done! this has been an easy one, putting things where they belong, make sure dishes are cleaned after use, etc...13 days into New Years and I can't say that I have been going nuts because I have to clean, or my room is messy, or dishes need to get done...things are just done!!

Cook every day, bring lunch for work - Done! Saving money of course and eating much healthier, trying to keep up with the weight loss...hehe, pictures will be coming soon!!

Put my Laundry away - so i did laundry last weekend and it is still sitting in the basket LMAO, I am horrible when it comes to laundry.

More lectures at work - Great week at work, and getting involved in other things as well, trying to make work a more fun atmosphere to be at.

Budget - No Comment "still trying to recuperate from Christmas, heating bill is kicking our ass, and those little things we don't expect like getting sick and medication a bit too expensive :-/
so yeah, I am working on it
It will get better!

Less Technology/Read more - I haven't watched much tv, I didn't use SecondLife for 2 days, when I do go on I am more AFK than anything else, I really don't log in to Facebook.  I do twitter, more in some days than others.

Eating & exercise - eating is great!! exercise not so much, dancing at home, staying active at work, and wanting to go to the gym again, my favorite time is 5am, gym is almost empty, i got it out of the way and it helps me go to bed early.
When i hit the gym at night I am all pumped up, takes me hours to fall asleep!!

I fell behind at work, I left early a few days, and missed Friday, this week I am going to make up for time lost...It will be hard.  I am not working Wednesday and Friday I am going in for a training all morning long, that leaves me with 3 days!
I will make the best of it.

Hope everyone enjoyed their week!
Missing Jack and Jill's posts.  I guess we all need a break, Kjoy is doing the same thing, I was thinking of taking a break from a few places myself...

Sincerely Yours


C Stag said…
very admirable goals...
but 5am? there is virtually nothing I'd get up at 5am for... its an ugly hour! ;)
travel, maybe to take a photograph... of of course...
AtiyaLuv said…
thanks C, and yes, I have done it before :)
it is easier for me...

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