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Week 3

a day late...

Goals were met but I was very easy on myself.
Eating moderately, keep up with less carbs (haa!!! I sucked at this one)
Prep my clothes before I go to bed (yes)
Hair, make up every day (yes)
Write down my to do for work and DO! (yes)
Appts for son and I (re-scheduled, one of them is done, next week is mine)
My 365 pic (I think I forgot 1...dang)
Keep up with activities "moving a lot, dancing, just keep moving" (I could have done better)

Other things

Mom and Brother are with the option to stay o.O
Spending quality time with my bro.  My schedule is off, I don't have time to log in, write, sit down for a long period of time.  When together my mom makes all of us put the phone away, that is nuts!  We all go nuts!
Mom!! we can multi-task you know...

Snow storm mid-week, did not go to work and had to cancel both appointments I had for that morning...

Ate like there was no tomorrow and feeling as if my accomplishments for the last few weeks just vanished in 3 days!
Mom is cooking every night for the family, and those are huge meals...I am not the only one feeling like this, my sister Caroline is having it worse!  She lost 35 pounds on weight watchers and have kept it off, she gained 3 pounds last week.

Nothing like moms cooking.

Budget is behind...just a little, a bit of planning and smart spending will help, but those are the moments that something will just come up and throw me off again...does not fail :)

Me up with "him"
we talked...
*fans herself*
...time, time, darn time!!
go by fast

Nothing much going on other than I felt so lazy through the entire week, I was off, hardly any motivation...I did manage to dress up every day, hair, light makeup, that always helps to up the mood, happy to see my siblings and spending time with them.

A new week, new goals, preparing myself...I just want to stay one step ahead this week.

Sincerely Yours


Fondles said…
awesome. good on you taking stock on a weekly basis. i would die. i just feel like i've already got SOOO many things to do...

cheering you on right here!!
Dee said…
Oh you sound soooo busy :)

Dee x
AtiyaLuv said…
It seems like a lot when written down, didn't feel I did alot, was not motivated, will be much better this week :)
Hank you ladies

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