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Thoughts outloud...Rambles, Confused

if you get to read this and you notice i am all over the place, WARNING!! i am ADHD, i have tons of shit going on in my head and just need to sort them out!!
1.  I went on a date...I wrote about my experience HERE  total disaster!  I don't pick up the phone when he calls, his texts are ignored, totally!!  you would think he is getting the he calls private! are you kidding me?  Serious dude?  When he asked me what was wrong, that he would like to see me again, blah blah, to give him another chance, I couldn't say no....I told him ok, setting him up for more failure, but I think what I have to say to him must be done in person, he needs a few tips so in the future he doesn't make such mistakes. Not giving the guy hopes by accepting to meet up with him for a date, but on the real, he needs to know where he went wrong, I am sure I am not the first girl he does that shit to!
2.  guy from the UK, writing to me, saying how much I look like his dead wife, and how impress…

WoW Day ~Nipple Piercings~

While these pics are not my own breasts (duh)
I can't wait until I get my nipple piercings....

The date has been set! (April 19th, 2013)

Although I wanted to do it in the winter so I will be ready by the summer, time is just going by so fast!

Took the pics from one of my Pinterest Board

Aren't they lovely?

Happy WoW Day

Sincerely Yours

TMI Tuesday ~Blogland and You~

1.  Do you write/Manage another blog?

Aside from this one?  yes, I have my SecondLife Blog
and now I am one of the authors/writers at Cock Worshiping Subs

2.  Pick 3 random blogs from your blogroll and tell us why they are on your blog roll.

A Dauntless Journey - the wisdom he brings to the table is amazing, love his posts, Fantastic Ass Friday, and he is a Dom I wish I had!!!

the Late Phoenix - You can never tell when he is joking around or not, fabulous!! been waiting for him to reveal more than his tummy, belly button, and hand!! *grins*
I love me some Phoenix!

beingaisha - My morning coffee :) reading her blog on the train on my way to work was something I looked forward to each day!

It is sad I had to pick 3 because if they are on my blog roll is because I am hooked on it!  they are like my soapopera!!

3.  Look around your blog, tell us about two pages or links you want us to visit, be sure to provide a link to them in your answer to this question.

 In search of - one post I am proud o…

Monday Morning Madness

Woke up late this morning

Sex, Cock, Fucking, Naughty thoughts of what I would like to be done and do to someone!

Can't concentrate much at work if all I have in mind is having a hot, loud, wet, sweaty, passionate, erotic, getting rough sex!

Last week was horrible, just want to erase it all...

the best part of a new day, it is the new beginning that comes with it.

Checking out the questions to this weeks' TMI Tuesday, this should be interesting as always, looking forward to it.

Been chatting with some guy on Facebook, I think he is not who he says he is, but oh well, playing along, carefully...

Let me get back to work, with my mind elsewhere, with other thoughts

Sincerely Yours

week 8 "biggest challenge yet"

seems and feels this week I took a few steps back
I will prevail as I have before.

Sometimes things happen because they need to happen
I would like to believe always that everything happens for a reason.

I went to the casino twice in a week, I am not much of a gambler, but I always down for a road trip...

first trip I spent time with  my son, and it was more to please my mom
second trip it was to chill with a friend, we broke night!  We left Friday night and got home 5:30 am, so tiring, and completely threw off my entire sleeping schedule.

Not many goals were made and if any where made I don't think much was accomplished.

I think I am been Catfished in facebook, a guy all of a sudden takes an interest, just not sure, but I am not a bitch so I talk to him, his intentions will be known sooner or later and if he thinks something romantic will come out of it, haaaa, I feel sorry for him.
Besides, he is in the UK, too far for me, I will never consider a long distance relationship a…

Afterglow of Spanking

found this on Pinterest and thought it was so cute!

Sincerely Yours

Yes Sir, Spank me til I cum

one of my kinks one of my wishes... to be spanked 

Sincerely Yours

Cock Worshiping Subs New Post

My Second post!

Excited because lately I have been feeling a bit...I don't know, inspired :)

"Daydreams of Sucking Your Dick"

Cock Worshiping Subs <--- is yummy

Sincerely Yours

Erotic Quote

From the story of O

"If you do tie her up from time to time,  or whip her just a little,  and she begins to like it,  that's not good either,  you have to get past the pleasure stage,  until you reach the stage of tears"

I don't know why, but those words gave me a certain sensation

Sincerely yours

WoW Day ~Boob Chart~

A bit late!!!

Which one is yours?

Sincerely Yours Aluv

Roaring 20's Gala!!


They had some rope work going on in a corner, that was amazing, seen how they tie up the girls, using rings to suspend them :)
it was unreal! Loved every minute of it

On the opposite side of the room there was a huge aluminum triangle with different gadgets hanging from it and from time to time a girl will come out and do a show swinging from it...using sheets, or a ring that was also used as a swing...ehehe

There were girls coming out and doing a sexy dances, stripping...
they looked so cute
something like Dita Von Teese be doing...almost...only difference was that they were using 1920's style type of music and costumes, it was very nice.

I wanted to dance but unable to do so, knee was still swollen, which sucked, I really wanted to hit the dance floor, but at the same time it was great to see all the shows they had available to us, I was very entertained

Met a few people
there was a Lady by the name of Hillary, and she is hilarious, a social butterfly, bringing pe…

Fetish Fair Fleamarket #40 experience

It was snowing most of the night and day, we wanted to make sure we took our time driving there, weather conditions weren't that great, we saw a few accidents on our way.

Stopped at the hotel hoping we could check in a bit early but they do have their rules and they apply it.
Hotel was expensive from one night, everything was booked around the area, mind you, tons of the people attending the event arrived there Friday and while meeting and mingling some of them had arrived on Thursday.

We went directly to registration and got our wrist bands and complimentary bag

so excited!

and off we went to see what they had...what didn't they have.
From Corsets, collars, huge metal things used for suspension, dildos, jewelry, clothing, handcuffs, leather was a huge thing, latex, spanking materials of all sorts.

I was very impressed.

The different people and couples, the kinks, the dressing up, the staff at the hotel whispering and not knowing how to react to some of the things they were s…

The Corset....

...Came in on Friday of last week but did not fit

Too big!

I never thought I would hear those words come out my mouth.

When I sent for it I used  my old measurements, I have to go down 4 sizes on it!

While this is something that really got me excited, the sad part is that I have to return it :(

It came well wrapped with all sorts of instructions.

I couldn't help it, when the packaged arrived I had a smile from ear to ear, when I put it on it was even bigger, I think the corners of my lips met at the back of my head *grins*

Today the corset is going back and soon will have the right size :)


Sincerely Yours

TMI Tuesday ~Fill in the Blanks~

1.  I'm the type of person that likes to be held in bed.

2.  If the sexiest person I know propositioned me for sex, I would definitely say yes!

3.  The worst part about inner thighs when I am naked is the way the wiggle and jiggle.

4.  I regret my first online love because it has been so hard to forget about him :(

5.  The last sexual/kinky thing I expected to like was (question cannot be answered, nothing sexual or kinky has happened here in a very long, long time, still waiting, hoping, wishing for the very first kinky thing to happen, never mind the last one)

6.  Recently, I gave my number to someone

Bonus:  You have been kidnapped by lesbians and dragged into a lesbian orgy, what are you going to do?

Let them have their way with me!!!!


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we'll all know where to read yo…

Week 7

I am behind
So much to write about, to say...
I really haven't had time, I can't believe I have kept so busy!!
I did most of the things I set out to do!
Yaaay for me
Flirt Fest was a hit! loved it!
Went to Rhode Island to the Fetish Fair Fleamarket...
Attended a Roaring 1920's Gala and dressed up as a flapper girl!! 
I bought my first corset :))))) how cool is that!?
I made some plans and reservations for April and still planning along...
Healthy diet going great (even more happier) BUT! Saturday I didn't eat so healthy, burger, pizza, milk shake throughout the day...hey, 1 day out of 7 is not bad at all!!
The only thing I have to do is sit down and check on my finances YIKES oh well... I will figure it out, always do :)
My busted knee is coming along, need to work up on strengthening it, ugh, this sucks!! bye to dancing for now...I am limping all over the place :(  I know I will be alright, just need to work on it...a bit of research tomorrow then …

oh what a night!

Did not think I was going to have as much fun as I did! (just wanted to get that out of the way) and with that said....

When we arrived at the Bar I looked around to get a feel of the place, I always look for nearest exit(s) and/or alternative exit door(s) etc., (Just want to make sure which way to run in any case that I must) I was viewing the place I noticed all the nerds, I don't have anything against nerds, I love them, heck, I am one too, but I was expecting something else....

First thing I said to my friend "this is a fucking set up!"
They bring all this guys with no game to a flirt fest, the point of the night is to crown the biggest flirt, male and female, so it actually forces this guys to go around and make their move, and for what I saw, some got very lucky!

We met two wonderful guys J and C - BLAST!!
Danced the night away :)
Drank--responsibly *grins*
just so happen one of them will be in Providence this weekend and we all made plans to meet up there!

Cock Worshiping Subs First Post for me!!

I am a member of Cock Worshiping Subs

My first piece

PLEASE, MAY I?  <------- Click on the link :)

Do hope you all enjoy!

Sincerely Yours

My first Corset!!!

in just 10 days I will begin wearing my corset!

This was suppose to be a 2012 resolution, and just getting to it now.

here is a pic of the model wearing it!

Next time  you see it, I will be the one wearing it!!

I actually like the entire outfit...

Car included!

a girl must accessorize!!

Sincerely Yours

WoW Day ~a touch of red~

Happy Valentines! May you be struck by cupid :)

Sincerely Yours

TMI Tuesday ~Fantasy or Roleplay

Valentine's Day may be for lovers but everyday is for sexy, imaginative, fun, kinky people.
Keeping your sex life exciting means switching it up a bit, and getting creative.  One way to do that is to bring your fantasies to life with role-playing.

1.  To spice things up in the bedroom, how adventurous are you willing to be?  (select one)

a.  I have never role-played before and will need a lot of instruction

but I am willing to try most things :)
I do roleplay in Second Life...needless to say I used to a Kajira/Save...hehe, among other things.

b.  I have tested the waters, but never acted out anything scripted
c.  I have got my feet wet and want more!
d.  Dive in head first - nothing is too deep

2.  What scenario peaks your interest most?  why?

a.  Romantic and sensual
b.  Playful and fun
c.  Kinky!  I want it all

D.  All of the above!

All of the above, why NOT?
It can always start romantic and sensual, and through it it can turn into playful and fun...all of a sudden someone gets an ide…

Week 6 ~ a slow start~

It has been slow trying to get back into the routine once again....

the Gym was a bust!
I kept up with my blogs :)
budget is slowly coming through
Meditating and waking up early every day.
Dressing up, Hair, Make up every single day!
Catching up on everything at work...
We had a blizzard, it put a bit of a strain on things, stuck at home since Friday night and absolutely no motivation to do move from where I am at. I managed to get up, stretch, make some movements for about half hour (did this a few times a day)
Eating healthy - 5 out of 7 days...I slipped in a few unhealthy choices...ooops, but I made up for it :)

Things are coming together little by little

I still have huge plans coming for next weekend, Fetish Fair Fleamarket on Saturday during the day, at night is Roaring 20's Gala Ball, staying the night at a hotel in RI, yaaaay, and hoping weather permits, flirt first on Valentines day...

Upon my return from RI the next day heading to CT to the casino, I promised mom I was g…

CWS ~Greeting Cards

CWS Challenge #4 is to create a greetings card, had to sign up to do so...
skipping this one!

Sincerely Yours Aluv

CWS ~While Sucking & Blowing~

CWS Challenge number 3

What am I thinking about while sucking cock?

I want to make sure I am following the blueprint I already created in my head.

while enjoying what i am doing i am also very self aware of how my partner is reacting to each of my movements, to everything i am doing to him...between the moans, groans, holding my head down, gripping on the sides of my hair, bucking his hips towards my mouth to get his cock even deeper, the curling of the toes...those little reactions that allow me to know that i am doing something right.

I enjoy what I what I do, but what I enjoy more is the pleasure I can bring another.

**LOL, this is feeling very liberating**

Sincerely Yours

CWS Challenge "Before a blow job"

I am catching up...

New member :)

CWS Challenge is to write 55 words on what we are thinking about just prior to giving a blow job.

Lets see!

My heart beats faster with anticipation, unzipping the pants, or even better if they are already laying naked on the bed, getting on my knees (standing up or laying down I like to be on my knees) even before I am kneeling my mouth is already watery, a huge smile upon my lips and my in mind I already planned out everything I am going to do to that cock, how I am going to suck it, lick it, devour it, kiss it, all the areas I am targeting, the areas my lips are going to be exploring, his inner thighs, balls, perineal area (area between the balls and butt-hole)...

I make a blueprint of my entire process even before the tip of the cock hits my lips...

Sincerely Yours

CWS First Challenge "Why I love Sucking Cock"

CWS first challenge

Why I love sucking cock?

honestly, for the same reasons why I like my pussy been sucked, giving that pleasure to another and at the same time getting pleasure out of it.

I enjoy the feel of it in my mouth as is been filled with it, taking it as deep as possible, humming as I feel the tip of the cock hit the back of my throat.

The moment I enjoy the most is when I take it in mouth and it is small, as I pull and tug with my lips, wrapping my tongue around it, swirling it around, popping the tip of the cock as if it were a soda pop, delish! as it grows, such a yum moment

I don't know who moans louder the one getting it or me?

I take pleasure in giving pleasure.

Making love to the cock, licking on the outside, playing with his balls...sucking on them, sliding my tongue to the perineal area, letting the feedback of his movements, his groans and moans his hands caressing my hair calling out my name, makes me want to give more, do more, and I surrender, the arousal th…

Opening up...Mean what I say...

...and say what i mean

There is so much I share on my blog, yet there is so much I leave out...I really don't know why I hold certain things back, is not like people I am close to know about this is suppose to be about sex, which is non-existent, Master/slave relationship, my way to discovery my submissive side, yet is more like a journal in which I decide what things to say and what things to omit.

Since it is my blog I decide what to write about and what to share and that is the best thing about it, and also the freedom to say and post what I like and really not give a rats ass what others think...but in a way I do and that is one reason why I hold back a lot on what I write, and I wonder, what will happen if someone from work finds out, or a best friend...ya know?

A lot of times I wonder what I should talk about, what I should share about myself, and most of I sharing too much?

of course you might be she out of her mind?  sharing pictures of my …

Blizzard of 2013

I was expecting a huge deal!!

People talk about the Blizzard of 78 as something out of this world and this one was suppose to be worse...NOT!!!

Been texting with some friends and asked them to send pics to see what they were dealing with...

So far...


I did try going downstairs to take a pic of my front porch, when I heard the wind smack hard against the door, I run up the stairs, nope, I'll take pics from my window!

I am afraid of the cold, my Dominican ass still afraid of the cold, and why I choose to live in a cold state?  Let's just say history is important, and this is where it all started :)

Nemo, as they are calling it is a bad storm, but I don't see the blizzard in it!
Some towns are getting it worse than others, as far as I am hearing from the news.
My town up to 2 feet of snow, looks like more, there is hardly any snow on the roofs, the wind is taking care  of that...the houses with flat roofs are in trouble, the heavy load can make it cave in, that …


I don't know who to believe or what to believe...

I live in New England and the weather is unpredictable, they say 10 inches, we get 2, they say a bit of snow, we get a storm.  We go day by day and we always doubt the meteorologists, and is not their fault, I don't blame them, our weather plain and simple sucks!!

Schools, daycare and many places already canceled, closed (including my place of work..yaaayy) snow is suppose to be arriving late afternoon, some say 12 - 24 neighbors screams from downstairs he heard the news say now is 30 of the students said we probably get 3 inches or enough to make us miserable, which is what it usually happens.

Everyone is talking how this storm is suppose to top the one from 1978, I didn't live in this country but have seen the newspaper clips people saved, I hear the stories, even my x-husband mentioned that storm quite a few times, and they are saying this one will top that one!

Of course I leave everything for t…

Stranger things have happened

Spent a good 3 hours texting with my puppy love, the man who took my virginity away and proud to say I took his, and he is also the father of my 2 could I leave out that important fact out *winks*

We haven't seen each other in years (20+)  somehow it doesn't feel that long when we talk, or text.  We laugh, and our conversations flow as if we never stopped talking to each other, or haven't seen each other for so long...
We do go through long periods of time we don't talk or say hi, but we catch up once in a while.

Mr. S and I exchanged pics today *coughs nice and loud* I sent him some pics...
Let's just say I think he is proud I am the mother of his children and would be more than proud to show me off!

I met him when I was 13 years old, we were friends and things happened (long story) we ended up together and mmmmm I loved me some S and that big, thick, dick he thing I remember was the day I lost my virginity, blood on his parents matt…

Playing around in the office

Ms M goes early this morning to buy her breakfast and notices a huge honey dipped donut (glazed) and bought it.
The girl behind the counter does not know that our dear Ms M is not much of a morning person and tells her that the donuts counts for 3 servings and it is very fulfilling...the girl was horrified when Ms M asks her "Do you have fat jokes for me this early?"

Needless to say I was practically on the floor laughing when she was telling us, she is funny!

Is a great day at the office

A great way to start the day...

With Jokes!!

Have a great day!!

Sincerely Yours

WoW Day ~body jewelry~

Body Jewelry is coming in!!  Loving it Looking great

inspired today~~
L is for the way you look at me O is for the only one I see V is very, very extraordinary E is even more than anyone that you adore and...
Love is all that I can give to you Love is more than just a game for two Two in love can make it Take my heart and please don't break it Love was made for me and you
Sincerely Yours Aluv