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Fetish Fair Fleamarket #40 experience

It was snowing most of the night and day, we wanted to make sure we took our time driving there, weather conditions weren't that great, we saw a few accidents on our way.

Stopped at the hotel hoping we could check in a bit early but they do have their rules and they apply it.
Hotel was expensive from one night, everything was booked around the area, mind you, tons of the people attending the event arrived there Friday and while meeting and mingling some of them had arrived on Thursday.

We went directly to registration and got our wrist bands and complimentary bag

*purple for the event
*the one with the flag for the fleamarket

so excited!

and off we went to see what they had...what didn't they have.
From Corsets, collars, huge metal things used for suspension, dildos, jewelry, clothing, handcuffs, leather was a huge thing, latex, spanking materials of all sorts.

I was very impressed.

The different people and couples, the kinks, the dressing up, the staff at the hotel whispering and not knowing how to react to some of the things they were seen...
I melted each time I saw a guy pulling a girl by the leash *wetness coming*

We saw this beautiful girl leashed, her Dom was bending down looking in a bag for something, all of a sudden he gets up, he didn't have to say a thing to her, she put her hands behind her, he locked in the cuffs, gagged her with a bag ball, lifted up her skirt exposing her and started walking, HOW FUCKING HOT IS THAT???

Ponyboys - they had a spot that looked like a barn, decorated just like it too, I swear I felt I was in a Second Life SIM when I saw them giving them orders and the way they walked, DISCIPLINE people, is all about discipline and trust!
Trust someone, in their words, their commands, and even instincts!

A few floors filled with goodies

Tons of classes going on, Poli 101, Fisting, ropes, and much more...can't remember all of them from the top of my head, but the entire weekend was filled with much to do (for those who where there the entire weekend of course).

Spent most of Saturday visiting different rooms, looking at the products, gathering cards, asking for information...
Did not buy a thing
Prices were ridiculous on some of the things they had, I can get them cheaper and better quality, as far as I could tell, but it was a great experience nonetheless.
After walking around for hours, sitting down from time to time to give the knee a rest, when we were done we attacked the mall!!
Thankful that the FFF was at the Westin Hotel (Omni Hotel now) which is attached to the mall, cross the bridge and shop for the final details for the Roaring 20's Gala that evening :)

Will I be attending next year?
Don't know where I will be, what will be going on, but I would not mind giving it another try :)

Sincerely Yours


Julia said…
Oh I would love to attend something like this!
AtiyaLuv said…
every year in Rhode Island, I also think they do it other states.
I get the information at New England Leather Alliance.
Hope you get to attend one day!
is so awesome!!


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