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I don't know who to believe or what to believe...

I live in New England and the weather is unpredictable, they say 10 inches, we get 2, they say a bit of snow, we get a storm.  We go day by day and we always doubt the meteorologists, and is not their fault, I don't blame them, our weather plain and simple sucks!!

Schools, daycare and many places already canceled, closed (including my place of work..yaaayy) snow is suppose to be arriving late afternoon, some say 12 - 24 neighbors screams from downstairs he heard the news say now is 30 of the students said we probably get 3 inches or enough to make us miserable, which is what it usually happens.

Everyone is talking how this storm is suppose to top the one from 1978, I didn't live in this country but have seen the newspaper clips people saved, I hear the stories, even my x-husband mentioned that storm quite a few times, and they are saying this one will top that one!

Of course I leave everything for the last minute and I am not prepared, but that is not a rare thing, I have never been prepared each time they talk about an apocalypse, or the entire world shutting down, or the storms that are to paralyzed the state...dude! I don't care how bad the weather is, there is always Chinese food delivery, I don't care what day of the week, holiday, time, and in this case weather, we will never go hungry as long as we have cash, and the phone is charged!

I made sure the camera is charged, I have most things charged and charging...I am preparing cause in October of 2011 we got hit with an ice storm and I lost power for 3 days.

Praying, wishing, hoping the power stays intact, my plans all consist around the computer...Pinterest, Second Life, Blogging, and my regular little things....

Those of you who will be affected by the storm, stay safe, take care, and keep in touch if you have twitter, blogging, etc.,

Sincerely Yours


Anna May said…
I know what you mean, I live in the great lakes region, not much snow... generally speaking, but the lake effect can be a bitch and utterly unpredictable; to the point that the weather people don't even try. lol
AtiyaLuv said…
I was considering making a move your ways, but after doing my research and finding out is colder and snows more, I'll stay right here for now!! :)

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