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My last date

Saturday 26, 2013

I have been on for a few months courtesy of my friend Dave.

Created a profile and forgot about it.
I get tons of messages which most I don't respond to, I am not at all interested in dating at the moment regardless of all the peer pressure in my surroundings.

A few weeks ago a message caught my attention and I replied to it...never know, right?

We exchanged email address and emailed for a few days, he gave me his number, and we began to text.
It was a bit off, he would text, would take me a few hours to reply, and the same with him, not much interest on each others part.
He would ask me if he could call me, I would tell him yes, he never called.
Honestly I was not taking him serious, and I felt the feeling was mutual until one day he called.

I enjoyed his voice, he kept it clean, never asked me for a pic, a sexy pic, and I really liked that, he was a gentleman, not like the last guys I've had the pleasure to text with, when they get comfortable enough they start asking for sexy pics...and we know what that means.  
when a guy asks me for sexy pics, that is an automatic cut off/ignore.

After a few days of communication he wanted to meet, I was down for it, not excited, but I was up for it, I have nothing to lose, a good meal, good conversation, maybe good company, as far as I could tell we were having alright conversations and there were no quiet moments, if just kept flowing.

We kept talking for days, we began to flirt back and forth...
He loved my lips and kept making insinuations about us kissing and if I mind kissing on the first date...I do mind, but if the mood is right, the chemistry is right, I guess I would not have a problem with it.

We made a deal, when we saw each other we would just kiss before saying a word.
Now, I thought it was crazy to even think about doing this, but oh well, I wanted to be daring!

The day came
I dressed up, very serious, no cleavage at all, I was covered head to toes, didn't want to mislead the dude by dressing in a manner that might make him think I wanted a bit more, we only agreed on a kiss and that was that+.
I have no problem putting anyone on BLAST and telling them what it is I expect, or want! and he was no exception to the rule.

We met up, the night was cold so we went into my car to talk, no kiss yet...
He tried avoiding eye contact with me, he kept smiling, we talked for a bit and he brought up the kiss.  I was so nervous by that time I didn't want to go through with it, but I did.
We kissed, again, no sparks for me :( not even a tickle, I was not into it.
all of a sudden I feel his hand moving to my left breast, so I pushed his hand away and moved away from him, I told him not to go there!  He apologized, pulled me close and kissed me again, I went with the flow, once again his hand was finding its way back to my tit! I pushed away and told him we should go in the restaurant and continue with the date.  I was already feeling uncomfortable, if I push your hand away the first time why would you even try it a second time?

We both got out of the car and by the time I turned around he was almost at the door of the restaurant leaving my ass behind!
Dude, you don't even realized you just fucked up!! big time!
that was it, that did it for me
He is just not that into you!!

I wasn't into him either, so it was perfect
he had intentions...
the guy actually thought he was going to get lucky!

We were lead to our booth, he grabbed the menu and asked me if I wanted to share a meal, cheap bastard! 
Of course I agreed, but I ordered 2 mojitos and their famous margarita! I don't drink, but I was pissed, wasting my time with this guy...
we talked, we laughed, made the best of it...he kept asking me if the kiss was everything I hoped for and expected?
why must people ask this question?
I told him is was alright!!
why lie?
I had better!!! if that is what you are wondering?


seems like he was in a rush for me to finish my drinks, we had only been there for less than an hour and he asked me if I wanted to go to his house to watch a movie, how he had great drinks there and appetizers, that I could spend the night...
he also kept implying that he was not going to make a move on me, that nothing was going to happen unless I wanted it too.
I kept saying no, he kept insisting...
and he never gave up asking...and I didn't give up saying no!

Are you serious?
for real?

I was very nice to decline in a very respectful manner.
when the date finished he wanted to go back to my car to make out.

once again
I declined in a very respectful manner...

He called a few times, which I ignored
I picked up the phone not knowing it was him, I never saved his house phone, and again asked me if i wanted to go over his is obvious that he only wants to get laid and I am not up for that...WTF

He might be a nice guy but not the guy for me

He didn't wait for me when we both exited my car, he just took off...that was rude!!
I pushed his hand away from my breast and he kept wanting to touch me even when I made it clear it to him it made me feel uncomfortable.
He was obviously cheap! Share a meal...are you kidding me??
Kept bringing up his kissing skills, asking me how much I liked it and how good he was and rate the kiss from 1-10 (how old are you again? 12?)
We just met and he wants to take me home, but that was not the problem, I declined so many times and he could just not take NO for an answer, fucker was persistent!!


my lame date.

I have a feeling I am going to be single for a very long time

Sincerely Yours


squirrel said…
Wow, this is just one of the worst dates I've ever heard of! Crazy, baby! I'm sure things will be better the next time ... they can't get much worse. :-)

love, squirrel
Anna May said…
Oh my....gotta love dating "not". I have had a few wtf dates myself. I so wish there was a better way meeting men, like the perfect one falling out of the sky. lol (a girl can dream, right?)
AtiyaLuv said…
They really don't seem to be getting better, creeps, sex is the only thing in their minds nowadays...
and I am looking for guys 40+
thats it! i am going to the cougar or milf status!
seems like the younger guys are more serious about a relationship than someone my age...

squirrel said…
Cougar and milf status? Wow! I didn't even know there were such things. Shows what I know about dating, lol. I can't wait to hear more ....
AtiyaLuv said…
I honestly don't want to date but I do feel lonely :(
Running out of options, might have to move out of state!
Not really into younger guys..ugh, is just frustrating...

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