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Stranger things have happened

Spent a good 3 hours texting with my puppy love, the man who took my virginity away and proud to say I took his, and he is also the father of my 2 could I leave out that important fact out *winks*

We haven't seen each other in years (20+)  somehow it doesn't feel that long when we talk, or text.  We laugh, and our conversations flow as if we never stopped talking to each other, or haven't seen each other for so long...
We do go through long periods of time we don't talk or say hi, but we catch up once in a while.

Mr. S and I exchanged pics today *coughs nice and loud* I sent him some pics...
Let's just say I think he is proud I am the mother of his children and would be more than proud to show me off!

I met him when I was 13 years old, we were friends and things happened (long story) we ended up together and mmmmm I loved me some S and that big, thick, dick he thing I remember was the day I lost my virginity, blood on his parents mattress, I think his mother blamed his father for that one! LOL, she accused him of cheating ooops!!

Been young and horny all we did was make out and fuck, we were like rabbits, we fucked everywhere, anywhere, anytime!

At the beach, the lake, alleys, the front porch of the house when it was dark...we would skip school, go to his house and fuck til I was soar, then after we were done he would make me a cake from scratch :) he was a good baker.

We were together for 5 years, we saw each other graduate high school, go to college, we were babies having babies, we were both in our teens when our daughters were born, and we shared so much...we still have secrets we only share with each other when we talk...omg I blush lol...

We made a sex tape, I was thinking and wondering what happened to that tape, I just remembered, I took it apart afraid someone would find it, glad I got rid of it
How come I didn't  remember that when I did my TMI Tuesday, shoot!!!

It was great talking to him...who knows, maybe one day we will get together, fuck, go out for dinner and drinks...

Stranger things have happened.

Sincerely Yours

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Ms. B said…
Awe, I love this... I hope that it works out. I know those first loves, even though I'm glad I'm not with mine! lol
AtiyaLuv said…
ohh Dear Ms. B sometimes it is better when the past stays in the past :)
Mr. S and I are completely two different beings, once compatible, I am just glad we are able to talk, laugh, reminisce, be friends..
But it sure is great to have that little fantasy...

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