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TMI Tuesday ~Fantasy or Roleplay

Valentine's Day may be for lovers but everyday is for sexy, imaginative, fun, kinky people.
Keeping your sex life exciting means switching it up a bit, and getting creative.  One way to do that is to bring your fantasies to life with role-playing.

1.  To spice things up in the bedroom, how adventurous are you willing to be?  (select one)

a.  I have never role-played before and will need a lot of instruction

but I am willing to try most things :)
I do roleplay in Second Life...needless to say I used to a Kajira/Save...hehe, among other things.

b.  I have tested the waters, but never acted out anything scripted
c.  I have got my feet wet and want more!
d.  Dive in head first - nothing is too deep

2.  What scenario peaks your interest most?  why?

a.  Romantic and sensual
b.  Playful and fun
c.  Kinky!  I want it all

D.  All of the above!

All of the above, why NOT?
It can always start romantic and sensual, and through it it can turn into playful and fun...all of a sudden someone gets an idea through the playfullness and wants to try kinky and take it all the way..I am open for suggestions with the right partner.

3.  Which of these is closest to your ideal setting for a fantasy

a.  A brother
b.  A dungeon
It would be so scary, and thrilling

c.  A bedroom
d.  A prison cell

4.  Which of the following toys would be prominently features in your fantasy?  (select one)

a.  Feathers and whipped cream
I'll start with something can always escalate to something more.

b.  Handcuffs, panty hose, and a necktie
c.  Whips and chains
d.  Ice cubes and cold beer

5.  It is time to take your sexy self to a fantasy island, which fantasy will you bring to life to rock your lover's world?

a.  The Sassy Sexy Jersey Whore
Gaudy, Flashy, Showy...totally Jersey!

b.  Kinky Cook
It's all about the spice!  Heating things up in the kitchen
......I have more to work with when using spices, can bring something different to the table each time

c.  Naughty Maid
Your feather duster will tickle more than just the dust on the shelves

d.  Doctor Love
Saving lives and breaking hearts but not before you administer a head-to-toe physical examination

e.  Frisky Fireman
A hose so long you can put out several of the hottest fires and leave a smoldering heap as proof of a job well done.

Bonus:  Tell us about your craziest or wildest role-playing adventure.

I don't have one yet, I will get back to you on that, working on it!
Unless you count RolePlaying in the computer (cyber) I have a few of those *hehe*


How to play TMI Tuesday: Copy the above TMI Tuesday questions to your webspace (i.e., a blog). Answer the questions there, then leave a comment below, on this blog post, so we'll all know where to read your responses.
Please don't forget to link to tmituesdayblog from your website!

Sincerely Yours


Anonymous said…
Nice dungeon. I wouldn't mind being laid out on that table and served up as dessert for all seated at the table ;-)

Sexy pics.

4. When I am playing naughty maid, I'd like to tinkle your fancy with my feather duster.

5. Oooh good answer.

Happy TMI Tuesday!

fantastic pics, i got lost in the first one, looks like a private room at Medieval Times where you see the joust show and eat chicken with your hands. are you thinking what i'm thinking? i'll put on my wench uniform and meet you there...
AtiyaLuv said…
I am loving the feather duster already!

@the late phoenix
rum is ready! been waiting for you!!

Happy TMI
Silverdrop said…
Cyber definitely counts... that's how SilverHubby and I got started! Not to mention it's the ULTIMATE version of safe sex! No disease, no pregnancy, no worries about someone not respecting your safeword when you can just click the window shut and block them. Or, you know, you might end up finding the man of your dreams like I did!
AtiyaLuv said…
I tried that and I thought I found the man of dreams, I am back on the drawing board, and if Cyber counts, I will have to go back and redo almost all of my answers...just about...hehe
Silverdrop said…
Sorry it didn't work out for you, but don't give up! It only takes it working out once to make it all worth it.

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