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Not all Spankings are created equal

Lasting Impressions

...the feeling of his strong hands on my bare skin

~thoughts of a sweet spanking~

Sincerely Yours

A spanking Fantasy...

I always follow instructions and do as I am told, but there is one thing that at times will get me in mouth.   I was not sure what I did wrong, as far as I knew everything was just peachy.
His text message did not explain much, five words, a vague sentence, wait, it was more like a question which I cannot answer because I am still pondering, what did I do wrong?
On my way home from work, I was nervous, I've never been spanked and not sure what to expect, still, not sure if I deserved what it was to come... and still wondering What did I do wrong?
Finally home, I rushed in dropping my purse and lunch box on the floor, I am running late as usual and even though this is something not so new for me, this time it was different, I was not sure if he was going to be home when I arrived, would he be waiting for me?  I hope not...
My heart was beating fast, skipping beats, not because I was tired, not because I just run up three flights of stairs, but because I knew I was in …

Love Boudoir's Erotic Blog

I received an email that went as follow:

Love Boudoir is a showcase for some of the best erotic blogs on the internet.  No, this is not a tossed-around award; if you are on Love Boudoir, it's because you write beautiful original material.

It is my pleasure to include a link to your (my) blog under our "Must-Read" category, in the SPANKING section.

Your writing is delicious! We warmly encourage to continue!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This is freaking amazing to me!! I am like wow, extremely surprised!!

Thank you so much for including me in your blog :) such a pleasure!

TMI Tuesday ~Memorable Moments~

What are your five (5) most memorable/amazing sexual moments?

I lost my virginity...that was Good Friday - and not because I lost my virginity, it was actually really Good Friday...
We spent the entire weekend together :) it was like a honeymoon
should I mention I was only 14 - lucky punk ate my cherry!!!

Made love with my husband for the first time
that was one of our best moments, discovering our bodies, laughing, me saying to him "oh wow, is nice and big" and him saying "yeah, I used to masturbate a lot as a kid" haha, those were the good days

Met the Dutch and wowsers! 
yes, first G-spot orgasms and multiples...*bows to the Dutch*
When he grabbed me by my hair in doggystyle position, pulled it back and said "you sexy little thing"
I think I have mentioned plenty of times that it was one amazing, passionate and erotic experience...
The feelings involved made every possible moment incredible!  the way my body reacted...s…

Week 12

and running late!
**pics from last week, but I am loving my shoes!!!!

Slept all weekend...out of 48 hours I think I slept at least 35 of it, I guess I needed the rest.

No booty call yet...not like I am even looking for one, I believe when I wrote that post i was going through a very horny moment...we all have those right?

Week went well
Too many responsibilities at work but doing ok at handling that...I always said I work well under pressure and is showing.
with the Newsletter, and decorating for Easter my hands are completely full, not to mention we have our spring break company reunion in less than two weeks and preparations are still on their way...oh boy

Budget wise I am a mess, but things will fall into place, they always do, one thing I don't worry about much is long as I have a roof over my head and food for my family all is well and the Universe will provide the rest!

I think I am going through a bit of depression, I still can't explain why I slept so much t…

in search of a booty call...I think

I need a fuck buddy...a boyfriend, a man...I need someone!!

Everyone is fucking, having fun, doing their thing, and me...well, I am just wasting precious time!
Why do I have to be this way?
Why can't I just be more daring when it comes to having sex and getting my groove on?
I want to, I really do...I want that intimacy, the feeling, everything that is involved in the sex department...most of all and for a change, I just want someone to make me cum! so sick of playing with myself, and the fantasies, it gets old after a while :( ya know...

*banging my head on the desk*
so hard to find least for me.  How can I disconnect my feelings, separate sex and love?
I've talked to a few guys but none of them interest me in any given way.  At the beginning all is well, conversations, things in common, and after a few days I am not so much into them...nothing that makes me say WOW, and nothing that will even make me consider meeting them. Bunch of bullshitters is al…

TMI Tuesday ~The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions were created by an anonymous blogger and lurker. He has submitted four great sets of questions and this week’s theme– THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY– is no exception. Thank you Anonymous#1 

1.  What made the best partner you've ever had so good?
What made him so good was the fact that there was so much passion involved, his touch made me break into goosebumps all over, I was shaking in his arms, that was sooo cool!!! I think is because of the feelings involved, the fact we desired each other as much as we did, it was the most passionate sexual experience of my life 8/11/2010 (by far)
2.  What made the worst sex partner you've ever had so bad?
When the marriage was at the end of the rope, I don't even know why we even bother having sex, it was probably once every other month, if any, and it was just me putting out, him doing what he had to do, most times i don't remember it happened, half the time i was sleeping...
3.  Who was the most physic…

Week 11

Am I glad the week is over and another one begins?

not really... some weeks are going too fast, some are going slower...there are days that are better than others but still enjoying them and getting the best out of them, appreciating them instead of complaining about them.
Work I have my days need to be more productive. I have been stepping up to the plate when it comes to meeting time, voicing out my opinion a lot more, my ideas, and in a way is a good thing, then again, more responsibilities, now I am the leader of our newsletter, how did that happen?
been putting on the corset almost every day for half hour, I tried driving with it and that was a huge mistake!  My tits were almost at my chin, I couldn't breath...will not be doing that in a while, I guess that is for more advance corset users! didn't come with a warning either.
Proud of my son, Student of the Month!!  he is accomplishing in high school what he never did in grammar school, sure, he got student of the month fo…

Friday & Meeting time!!

It has been a very long week and feeling the effects of it.

I am grateful to have a job, on a day like today just wishing I didn't.

that time of the month is coming I can feel it!! (maybe that is the reason why I am feeling bleh)

We are having a meeting in just a few minutes...I really don't feel like been around people, but I have to do it *banging my head on the desk*

I need a vacation.


Do hope everyone have a safe and wonderful weekend...

Sincerely Yours

WoW Day ~the beauty of us~

Some of the images I love from my Pinterest

 Sincerely Yours

TMI Tuesday ~Fashion Police~

1.  What is the  most revealing thing you have ever worn in public?

I am going back, way back to 1990 - a one piece swimsuit that looked like floss, only covered the nipples and private in the was the lambada days

2.  Have you ever unwittingly shown more than you intended in public due to a wardrobe malfunction?

when I took my vacation over sea, met up with some friends, each time we sat down to have a drink or just chill he would sit me with the sun smacking me dead on, I was not aware why, later I found out (since I don't wear a bra) that the shirt was/is see-through in the sun!!

Halloween party, pimp and hoes, I wore a black lingerie but I put on a light sweater on top of of the straps broke and for a very long time I had one of my breasts exposed until someone asked me if I was imitating Janet Jackson ^.^

3.  Are you more likely to arrive at an event over or under dressed?

over dressed hands down all the way

4.  Tell us about a time when you have arrived…

Week 10

Week 10 ended and I am oh so behind on things!!

I am so way behind!!
Add one hour to the clock and that is enough to mess up my routine for an entire week (just an excuse)

Everything is going peachy aside from that...
I had a bit of a set back last week, but with determination everything is possible.

Gathering ideas at the moment to do something different this summer in regards to trips and vacation time.

Not a very happy camper at work, seems like everyone is edgy and in a bad mood...
**helluuur, get a life beatches, work is work!! don't take it so personal!!!**

Had a very easy, relaxing, lazy weekend...aside from my body hurting with all the shoveling I did Friday, and I started doing spring cleaning Saturday, just want to get certain things out of the way early, not have to wait until April vacation to catch up.

Back to work
A new week has began
Miserable people all around taking for granted they have a job, a home, they eat, and are healthy.
...and some who are not really that…

Picture Perfect


Magnificent view

Sincerely Yours

SNOWDAY & a day off from work

I should be happy having a day off...

Not so happy because I have been shoveling since 6:45 this morning...


A great day to watch movies, read, blog, lurk, Second Life, mood is up and great!

There are certain things that I need to get done today, does not look like I am going to accomplish much, the snow is horrible, and watching the news is just getting me more paranoid...but it will all work out, and they will get is suppose to stop snowing at 1 pm, just hoping that it does, because from where I am sitting at, does not seem like is going to stop anytime soon

aside from that....

I had to fight against my feelings yesterday and I am finding myself doing the same thing today...when I thought I was over it it comes back to smack me in the face all over again...

There are people who come into our lives and they change it forever....

It has taken me quite a few months to get to where I am at today in regards to my feelings, I don't want anything to get in the way o…

Am I really submissive?

I am wondering if I am or not...I also wonder if I would make a good/great submissive one day, and at times I think the answer is NO!

Reading/lurking so many blogs and seen what the slaves/subs go through, the challenges they face, and the pain they can handle (the masochists of course), really makes me wonder if I could handle the lifestyle.
According to my first and only Master the answer 'was' YES. I love to please obedient did as I was told when I was told... devoted, respectful, and loved him unconditional I was a good slave to him, but makes me wonder if I could have this type of relationship with anyone else.
I am not a masochist...and I think it is because of all the times I got my ass whooped as a child, with belts, shoes, tree branches, and any other object my mother or grandfather would find to throw at me (this was discipline..and it worked!), you would think this would make me tolerant to pain, but in reality I just became scared of getting hit and pain itself. In…

Lunch Time ~Delicious spanking~

Good Girl 

Someone needs a bit of discipline!

Sincerely Yours

WoW Day ~Beautiful Breasts~

Women are beautiful creatures no matter what shape, color or form We are beautiful.

Sincerely Yours

TMI Tuesday ~Making Sacrifices and Resisting Temptation

This week's TMI Tuesday questions were produced by Heelsandstockings and Hedone

1.  What did you give up for lent?

I don't eat meat on Wednesdays and Fridays and is because of my grandmothers' believe, she was the religious one

2.  What sexually could you never give up?

I can give up everything for what it seems, I can't remember the last time I got me some!!
and in all honesty I need a refresher course, just to see what it is I can give up and what I can't...I am sure I will have plenty of volunteers

3.  What act would you like to do for 40 days and 40 nights?

have sex, and lots of it, every act in every way!!

4.  What sexual sacrifice you made?  why?

I am celibate.
Until I find someone worthy enough to release my pussy to!

5.  Have you ever been tied to a cross or anything else?

I have been tied up to a table *grins*
I loved to go all over the place as a child, for hours I would be walking all over the neighborhood and my grandfather was pissed o…

Week 9

I say to  myself...everything is going to be alright

This week much better than the one before!

Things are ok, a lot of pressure for the next few months to meet our budget for the fiscal year, I am sure we will do great.

staying organized, I fall off the wagon when it comes to my room through mid-week, but nothing big, just clothes and accessories..hehe

but it is fixable!
I am really bad at budgeting

Love life:
nothing going on.
Last disaster date guy, well, he keeps calling me, now in private mode because he thinks I am actually going to pick up.
Emailed with some guy, hoped for it to be a future potential...yeah, turned me off real quick, didn't even get passed the first day talking to me

Me, Myself and I
Feeling happier this days, more accomplished, meditating every day, doing Yoga, my knees are still very weak but starting back the gym and work my way from there.
Sexy is the word of the month!
I have my corset and wearing it a few hour…

corset has arrived!