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A spanking Fantasy...

I always follow instructions and do as I am told, but there is one thing that at times will get me in mouth.  
I was not sure what I did wrong, as far as I knew everything was just peachy.

His text message did not explain much, five words, a vague sentence, wait, it was more like a question which I cannot answer because I am still pondering, what did I do wrong?

On my way home from work, I was nervous, I've never been spanked and not sure what to expect, still, not sure if I deserved what it was to come...
and still wondering
What did I do wrong?

Finally home, I rushed in dropping my purse and lunch box on the floor, I am running late as usual and even though this is something not so new for me, this time it was different, I was not sure if he was going to be home when I arrived, would he be waiting for me? 
I hope not...

My heart was beating fast, skipping beats, not because I was tired, not because I just run up three flights of stairs, but because I knew I was in trouble, for some reason unknown to me...

I kept looking down at the big screen of my smartphone that just read...

Biting my lips, fidgeting, I could imagine him standing at the door waiting for me with the belt in hand, couldn't help but feel my clit throbbing, nipples aroused, and a grin from ear to ear, my my, for someone who was about to get a spanking I sure was happy.

Yes, I couldn't wait to feel him, the thoughts of what he was going to do to me, fear and pleasure taking over, didn't know which felt better, but the anticipation of the moment was killing me...

Knowing the rules set forth by him when the relationship started I tried to remember what I was suppose to do as I waited for my punishment.  All I could think of was getting it right or I would get it even worse for forgetting and not following instructions, wait, is that why I am in trouble?  Did I forget something?

At that point it didn't matter...

I take my clothes off, sit at the edge of the bed wondering...
What am I suppose to do next?
Nadu position?
No...I can't remember
What is the position that I am suppose to be in when ready to receive punishment, or while waiting for him to come through the door for me to receive punishment...either way, I couldn't remember for the life of me.

a light goes on


I knelt at the entrance of the bedroom door, stretching out my arms with the palms of my hands flat down, and my forehead on the floor, knees together and ass in the air.

I hear the footsteps coming closer, and one point I was not sure what I was hearing, the beating of my heart was becoming louder than his footsteps, and still I wondered, what did I do wrong?!!!

He comes in the room and stands before me.
I dare not move but I can feel him just inches away from my hands.  He grabs a fist full of my hair in his hand and gently lifts my head to look into my eyes, I was not expecting it but he smiled at me and without notice he presses his lips against mine, kissing me deeply, picking me off the floor and holding me in a tight embrace assaulting my lips as if it was the very first time he ever kissed me.

He leads me to the bed, laying my body flat in the middle of it, spreading my legs to form a v shape, holding my hands in his as he stretches my arms straight on the bed.  I feel the weight of his body on mine, his lips close to my ear and he whispers...
"close your eyes and keep them closed for the entire time you are laying on the bed"
I smile and reply "yes my Sir"

I feel his hands gliding up and down my right leg, tracing his finger tips from my ankles to my ass, rubbing and squeezing my ass cheeks...and suddenly

I feel the first hit on my right side, a tiny sting, not exactly what I was expecting but it felt good, I smiled, I couldn't help it, it felt good and at the same time knowing it is my first spanking made it even more special, I wanted to giggle because I was so excited...then the second spank comes to the other side, and I keep smiling...he lays next to me, I feel him but I can't see him, I am wanting to open my eyes to see him, to look at him but I did not dare...I feel his breath close to my face, the only sign to let me know how close he is to me, and his hand up and down my spine...

this time a little harder, I feel it now, I feel the sting...and I think I like it, I want more, I want to feel his hand harder on my skin.
mmmmm so delicious, so far I can handle the bit of pain inflicted on my bare ass
feeling my skin getting hotter, and stinging more, he takes small breaks between spanks...good, gives me enough time to get ready for the next...
alternating sides he repeatedly spanks me, harder and harder each time, I bite my lips, it is beginning to hurt, I want to open my eyes but I can feel his breath close to my face, he must be looking at me.
I tried bringing my arms down but he tells me to keep them stretched as they are.
Once again I feel his hand contact my skin, this time harder, he continues to spank me harder and harder.
Feeling the continuous pain, the burning of my skin, moaning but unsure if it was because of the pain been inflicted or the pleasure i was getting from it.
the pain, the sting, fighting back my tears, biting my bottom lip letting out soft moans each time his hand strikes against my skin...

then he stops

I feel his hand rubbing, caressing my ass and he tells me "open your eyes"
our eyes meet, he smiles when he sees my teary eyes...
he looks down inspecting the marks he left behind, I lay still not moving until he tells me to do so, I want to smile, giggle, I feel the pain on my ass, I feel the sting yet the excitement of the moment does not allow the pain to bother me as much, all I am thinking, all I am wanting is to see the marks that are left behind.

I loved how he used his hands to spank me for the very first time, it made it even more personal...I still don't know if I did something wrong, or not...but in all honesty I really don't care for it is my pleasure to provide this ass to his hands anytime he pleases!

my ass is His...

Sincerely Yours


Was very good post. loved the photos and enjoyed reading it!
Fondles said…
That was fun to read! I have it in my head that she didn't do anything wrong. but he was testing her commitment - just to see if she would obey or get bratty about it.

what can i say, that's how my brain works.
AtiyaLuv said…
Love the way your brain works! hehe, and it was fun to write :)

Thank youuuuu

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