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TMI Tuesday ~Memorable Moments~

What are your five (5) most memorable/amazing sexual moments?

I lost my virginity...that was Good Friday - and not because I lost my virginity, it was actually really Good Friday...
We spent the entire weekend together :) it was like a honeymoon
should I mention I was only 14 - lucky punk ate my cherry!!!

Made love with my husband for the first time
that was one of our best moments, discovering our bodies, laughing, me saying to him "oh wow, is nice and big" and him saying "yeah, I used to masturbate a lot as a kid" haha, those were the good days

Met the Dutch and wowsers! 
yes, first G-spot orgasms and multiples...*bows to the Dutch*
When he grabbed me by my hair in doggystyle position, pulled it back and said "you sexy little thing"
I think I have mentioned plenty of times that it was one amazing, passionate and erotic experience...
The feelings involved made every possible moment incredible!  the way my body reacted...still leaves me amazed and speechless, I didn't know my skin could do such things LOL *shivers* woohoooo haha, yah....
First time I ever, ever had sex with my period...yup!
seems like all of my latest and most memorable sexual experiences have been with Dutch..hehe
I spent the entire night washing sheets and towels at the hotel, we made a huge mess, but that was so good, made it all worth it!..
It was another great day with Dutch...and what made it so great was the fact that it was the day I knelt naked before him, I crossed my wrists with my arms up in the air and submitted to him :)
*sighs* he carried me, laid me in bed and TOOK me!!!

**and each time he thinks back of the moment with me and we reminisce about our moments together he says to me..I don't think I have ever seen something sexier than that...** TOP THAT!!!

What is one quality you appreciate in a lover?
That he will take his time loving me, appreciating me, enjoying me and what I have to offer and give.
It gives me tons of pleasure and also makes me want to give more of myself and be the best I can be when my partner reciprocates with the same love and affection...and also I will be your dream love making (fuck) doll! 


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Sincerely Yours


Anonymous said…
Very sexy TMI Tuesday.

3/24/2013 - Happy Belated Anniversary *giggle*

It was 3 yrs ago almost to the day that I was spanked for the first time. I blogged about it 3/24/2010.

8/12/2010 - hot shit! Yes!!! Love me some of that.

Yaay! For those wonderful memories. I wish you many more.

Bonus: So true. All partners should be like that, then we'd all have good sex.

BiLikesSciFi said…
Period sex. Fuck yes!
Angelwithatwist said…
UGH I wish mine would have period sex again.. sighs. The hair pulling HELL TO THE YEAH.. I love that and to have them tell me things.. Great post

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