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Week 12

and running late!
**pics from last week, but I am loving my shoes!!!!


Slept all weekend...out of 48 hours I think I slept at least 35 of it, I guess I needed the rest.

No booty call yet...not like I am even looking for one, I believe when I wrote that post i was going through a very horny moment...we all have those right?

Week went well
Too many responsibilities at work but doing ok at handling that...I always said I work well under pressure and is showing.
with the Newsletter, and decorating for Easter my hands are completely full, not to mention we have our spring break company reunion in less than two weeks and preparations are still on their way...oh boy

Budget wise I am a mess, but things will fall into place, they always do, one thing I don't worry about much is long as I have a roof over my head and food for my family all is well and the Universe will provide the rest!

I think I am going through a bit of depression, I still can't explain why I slept so much this weekend, I was out of it, I still can't remember some of the shit that went on Saturday..helluuuur!!

We had a day off from work on Tuesday last week, snowday, hopefully it will be the last snow of this winter but I heard in the news early this morning we have some more coming...this has been an extremely long ass winter!!!
I need some sun!!

Learning Tai Chi and doing Yoga, not as bad as I thought...unlike what others think, Yoga doesn't have to hurt, I do not push my body to the point I am cramping, hurting, or limping, maybe I should push my body a bit more, hey, in due time...LOL

New week ahead...
40 more weeks to go and they are sure going fast!

Sincerely Yours


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