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TMI Tuesday ~Inspector Gadget~

1.  Did you ever find someone else's stash of sex toys, lubes, etc.,?

not exactly sex toys but magazines, porn, etc...

2.  Did you ever search someone else's computer to determine their porn habits?  Were you ever the object of such a search?

Never really had to, the guys I have talked to and are into porn make sure they send me their favorite clips...or pictures (rolls her eyes)

3.  Did you ever investigated to see if two people were getting it on?

I am happy for those who are getting it on, it is none of my business if two are getting it on but I work with tons of women and they love to gossip and live other peoples lives...with that said, even when i don't want to do any investigating or spying for that matter I have no other choice at times but to do so, if the boss or her click wants to know something, you best believe we need to get such info...

4.  Did you ever look for naughty pictures on someone else's phone?

Nope, but if you hand me over your phone best believe …

Spanking Monday

It is a great Monday morning.

Already enjoying the day

Early morning with meditation and the gym, got home with enough time to eat breakfast and make lunch.

What is on my mind???

a good ol'spanking, thank you to Special K for putting things in my head ;-p

Sincerely Yours

Week 17 - how great it was! `

Everything is positive in my surrounding and keeping it like that.

All negativity I try to keep it as far as possible and not sharing all of my good grace with many :)

Meditating every day, and glad I started when I did because work was hectic, extremely busy this week, and still so much to do.

I started the gym, good lord my body hurts today!! Eating healthy, keeping it green, protein, etc., (this is for the chronicles which I will start writing tomorrow - hope I can get to it)

I had two dates, had an alright time, the second date was very respectful, the first one couldn't keep his hands to himself and couldn't take no for an answer, but I managed well, I have a good way of persuading people *winks*
It is very hard to date, to find that one person we are compatible with, if you have it, nourish it and appreciate it cause it is a cruel world out there! geeez!
I am beginning to think I am going to be sexless for a very long long long time. (not having much luck)

Not looking fo…

What's been going on around here lately

I haven't been posting much but I have been doing my regular lurking :)

Of course my TMI Tuesday still holding strong, I may not come around here and post all of the time but I make sure I am here every week to answer those juicy questions!!

I have not posted on CWS either, nothing to write about, I haven't sucked cock and don't know the next time I will do so but at least I am happy to announce that I am working on it for I began dating this past week.

Two dates, zero potentials *shivers*
The dating world is crazy! madness!  I have to develop some tough skin, ouch!!

Work is busy and still waiting for the move.

Meditating every single day!! enjoying it, and started the gym again :) very happy about that, and that also mean I am going to have to start posting on my gym chronicles.

We've had great weather, some days have been windy but the sun still shining, what a huge difference great weather makes.

I do hope everyone enjoyed their week, and is enjoying their weekend.

TMI Tuesday ~College Stereotypes~

1.  Have you ever been sexiled?  (sexiled: to be kicked out of your room/dorm room etc., because someone is having sex there)

by my little sister
she wanted to get her groove on and we had a full house, I don't know how she managed to get us all out of the house but she did, when we returned home she had locked us out...after an hour or so she allowed us back in.

2.  Were you ever hit on (propositioned) by a someone in your circle of friends who knew you were in a relationship with someone else?

Of Course!
who hasn't?
I don't know about dating friends or someone in 'your' circle...still a bit hesitant about it...if things don't work out will be a bit weird in the end

3.  Did you ever date someone for sex only, i.e. in hopes of a 1 night stand?

not yet, but I am thinking about it.

4.  Were you ever involved in a regrettable sexual incident where alcohol or drugs were involved?

not yet, but if it ever does happen I will make sure to blog about it!

5.  Did you ever …

week 16 ~Stressful Week~

As everyone knows the state of MA was in chaos this entire week and it will take some time for things to go back to normal.

Accomplished very much, yet accomplished very little.

personal life I did great!  I feel so good I can't even begin to explain it.

at work, pfft, didn't accomplish very much although the little bit I did helped a lot.

Spent time with the sisters, dinner and made sure it was a short stay for me, I swear that little sister of mine is such a big mouth and loves drama, I was out before anyone asked me anything about my personal life!

Making travel plans and feeling happy about that, I get to go on vacation!! yaay!!!

The piercing was a no-go, couldn't go through with it, and after doing all that research, yikes, 3-8 months of pain?

Life is great! meditating every single day now, can't forget to do that again...and I have a reminder every day asking me if I did!! LOL

The edgy panorama, the violence that took place here that still leaves me speech…

Dream Dreams

Famous quote on a stone
Samuel Eliot Morison was a historian, educator, and a sailor, but first and foremost, he was a Bostonian!

Sincerely Yours Aluv

Hooky at work

No students this week, the building feels empty, some staff took a few days off, and I am just sitting here wanting to leave specially since we are having such great weather.

Decided not to take a vacation this week because I didn't make plans to go anywhere, it does not make sense to me to take days off just to sit at home.

I am here, but I am not here, mind is elsewhere and everywhere

I imagine myself

on a hammock rocking myself side to side looking up at the nice blue sky and dreaming away, drifting away...

at a garden, walking around, enjoying the beauty, taking a break once in a while to smell the roses, lay on a bench and count my blessings...

at a cozy cabin away from cilivization, the sound of the wind, the birds, the sun all over my body as i walk about and around feeling the grass between my toes and the wonderful smell of clean air

Sailing away, the rush of the ocean and the waves, the smell of the salt water, looking for that perfect view, feeling the wind, feeling the…

TMI Tuesday ~Sex Sex and more SEX~

1.  Have you ever considered yourself sexually satisfied?

Only when I am having good sex ;-p 
but not at the moment, right now I am sexually deprived (by choice)

2.  What was the last sexy photo you took?

I think it was a pic of my cleavage...about a month ago or so

3.  When was the last sexy photo you took AND sexted?  What was it of and to whom was it sent?

The last time I sexted I sent a pic of someone elses ass, about 3 weeks ago to a guy I met at the store...of course he realized the girl on the pic was not me, i think the skin color gave it away...LOL

4.  How is your sex life?

a.  Like a wet blanket
b.  Like a warm cozy comforter
c.  Like an electric blanket getting you all heated up
d.  None of the above, I sleep without covers

d.  None of the above....for now

5.  What's your idea of good foreplay?

kissing, touching, fondling, fingering...and everything else in between

Can you have a great, long-lasting sex life with the same partner?
but of course you can!!

keeping the …

my backyard is bombed *Boston*

A few hours ago as I am finishing up the cleaning I get a message from a friend in the UK asking me if I was alright, then another message, the messages came pouring in as I rushed to the TV to find the horrific news that Boston was under attack.

So far...3 bombs exploded, 2 found and dismantled, 2 dead including an 8 year old child, over 100 people injured.

We are told not to gather in large numbers, to stay away from the city, some parts of Boston are been evacuated.

I was suppose to be in Boston, which is only about half hour from where I live, I was suppose to be there to support a friend who is/was participating but because it is a holiday I went to bed late and woke up late.
I called and excused myself for not making it but informed the group that depending how the day played out I would show up. 
My bff and sister called me and we were suppose to carpool after the race was over because the city was going to pumping this evening plus the nice weather and all.
As usual I am ru…

Week 15 ~much better now~

I started the week on the wrong foot but with a bit of perseverance and great friends I was able to turn that around by mid week

My children are grown, my youngest is 15 so it is time to do things for me, I always say I am going to do it but in the end motherhood kicks in and end up sacrificing me time because the children are in need. Lately I am left without a car, having to take a ride home from work because my child needs to take the car to work, in other words, I am inconveniencing myself to accommodate her.  She bought a car and has not registered yet and since I am on a flexible schedule this week one of my goals is to assist her in doing so.
This week I felt i was drowning, for one moment I felt I was losing control of everything and the situations at hand. Took a moment to reflect, think, and breath; it worked. Mind is clear, I was making a huge deal out of the little things but as I organize my thoughts everything around makes more sense and no longer drowning in a cup of wa…

and it gets better

All that is needed is a bit of faith and hope.

Happy and better days.

Day two of meditation and what a marvelous difference it has made.

Peace with me and within me.

I should have never stopped but now I know better.

Mothers day is approaching, I never ask for certain gifts but this time around I did ask for something.  A Chromebook

I have a wonderful computer at home, and an alright phone that needs to be replaced ASAP, but I need something that I can take with me everywhere I go for various reasons (easy access).

Already told the daughter to call the father and the other daughter so the mother can get what she wants and deserves *grins wide* of course I also wanted to throw in a phone in the entire process but I can give myself that gift just to make it easier on them.

In other news...
The company I work for is moving, relocating to a new building, so many rules and restrictions just because is a new place (and they spent over a million dollars on it).
They wanted to do away with th…

What have I done for myself lately?

Everyday before I go to bed I will ask myself just a few simple questions

Tai Chi Qigong

Tai Chi Qigong is a Chinese way of meditating using music and body movement, it is physical exercise designed for relaxation and balance of health.

 I wanted to learn Tai Chi last year but really never got into it.  I practiced a few times but did not put as much interest or determination in learning about it, or taking it serious.

Last night I went on a few websites, found some that guided me through the process, at first it was a bit hard but when I got into it and got my rhythm going it was easy and very pleasant!

I set a time to do Tai Chi Qigong every other day from now on, it was such a great accomplishment, I didn't think I was going to get the moves, when I tried it last year I couldn't get it no matter how hard I tried, I guess I was meant to learn it this year, it was not my time then.

Everyone have a great day!


Sincerely Yours

Back to Meditating ~in a better place~

I have not meditated in some time, but I took a step towards it last night.

Every morning to relax on my way to work I blast the classical station, such wonderful melodies to help me relax, I drift, I enjoy the sound of the instruments, the way they all come together in harmony, such beauty! 
I stopped meditating a few weeks ago because I began to wake up late every morning, didn't know the impact it was going to make in my life...although I am hyper and my mind is always going I took that me time, 20/30 minutes everyday to relax, it actually felt as if I transported myself to another realm, it felt so wonderful, and why the heck I just stopped?  I have no idea! Using "i have no time" as an excuse, is usually the best excuse we can come up with, time, darn time that is always against us huh?  but, if we have time to breath, we have time to meditate. I am back at it, is going to take some time to adjust and get back to the place I used to be. Discipline!
Making decisions…

Week 14 ~boy, am I late~

To say the least last week was not so great and has carried on to this week.

Mood is bleh in every way but working on it...

I do have to say...

Thank you to my Special K for the quote this morning, you are such a sweety, tons of hugs, squeezes and licks your way!

H, wow girl, you are so amazing, thank you so much for taking time out of your time to write and check up on me, of course me been quiet in twitter world gave the hint that something was not so right :)

Not much to say...
It was a long week, slept from Friday night til Sunday, worked hard, did some overtime which I thought it was going to help...boy, was I wrong.

I always have a smile on this lips, always laughing, giggling, joking around and having a great time at work, unfortunately when I clock out is an entire different story.

There will be better days!!

Sincerely Yours

TMI Tuesday ~If, Ands, & Butts~

1.  If you had a magic beauty wand, what would you give yourself?

a.  shinier hair, hands down
b.  glowing, soft skin, pass the moisturizer dude
c.  brighter eyes, with no crows feet - I want to look less tired
d.  Nada.  I love what I got!

a lifetime pedicure, not have to ever, ever eva eva EVER!! have to get a pedicure, my feet will be flawless, sandal ready 24/7 without having to put vaseline on every single night, of every single day to keep them baby soft.

2.  If you were spring cleaning your life what five things would you throw out?

my ol'baggages - whatever are those
inhibitions! fearless like the vikings, and one day die in battle and sit next to Odin in Valhalla 
childhood memories that hurt, and ache
grownup memories that hurt, and ache

3.  If money were no object, what kind of house would you buy?

Ranch on an Island!!

4.  Have you ever visited an erotic massage parlor AND had a "happy ending"?

I have not, but my co-worker goes twice a month!!
he told me wh…

Between 2pm & 7pm

Been going through very low days...
just not feeling well, dealing with PMS and my period came today.

A guy whom I have been talking to back and forth offered me a full body massage!!
Of course I said yes and was looking forward to the event.
As we made plans to get together sometime next week he tells me he is only available between 2pm and 7pm, weekdays ONLY!!
At least the Dutch had the decency to tell me he was married when we met and had me made the decision if I wanted to continue with the affair or walk away...This other fool is trying to keep it on the DL (down low) and trying to be sneaky about it, shame shame.
Disappointment!!  I should be getting used to this huh.
Sincerely Yours Aluv

3 word Meme that's been going around...

Saw this at His (un)Submissive Young Lady, joining in and see what i can come up with.

1.  Where is your cell phone?  next to me

2.  Boyfriend/Girlfriend?  don't have one

3.  Hair? in a ponytail

4.  Your mother? left this morning

5.  Your father?  who is that?

6.  Your favorite item(s)  cellphone, car, computer

7.  Your dream last night?  unfortunately very weird

8.  Your favorite drink? room temperature water

9.  Your dream guy/girl? dreaming of him

10. The room you are in?  smells like bacon

11. Your fear?  ending up alone

12. What do you want to be in 10 years?  a happy woman

13. Who did you hang out with last night?  my favorite niece

14.  What are you not?  a happy woman

15. Whats outside your window?  my neighbors  roof

16. One of your wish list items? see the world

17. What time is it? one eleven afternoon

18. The last thing you did? cooked for kids

19.  What are you wearing?  comfortable yoga clothes

20. Your favorite book?  have too many

21. The last thing you ate?  bacon…

And they have the nerves to ask me why?

I don't know if it is just me...maybe I am not been clear enough, I have no idea of what is going on with the dating world, seriously, it might be me, I am starting to think I am the one with the problem here.
Maybe guys are having their own issues with women as well, would be nice to talk to a guy who is having the same problems I am or worse ones *grins*, although I have heard from dudes that girls nowadays are gold diggers (LOL)
I am not dating but I am trying to, unfortunately I don't make it to the meeting part and some wonder why.
*WARNING - This may get a bit getto*

MotherFunker!!! You see my pics in my profile but that is not enough, as soon as the texting starts this is the kind of shit I have to deal with:
Him:   "you have any sexy pics in your phone?"
Me:    "nope, I lost my phone once and will not take those type of pics, don't want the evidence"
Him: "I know you do, come on, send me a pic, or take one now"
Me: "you seen…

TMI Tuesday ~an Open Book~

Hardest TMI for me!!

unless my life has been a horror story I have no idea how I am going to do in this weeks TMI! (most books I have read in my life are horror books)

Does not hurt to try!

Lets make it fun!!

Thank you to a Reluctant Bitch for the idea of this weeks TMI

If your life were a book, what would the parts or chapters be titled?

Your books should have at least 5 parts or chapters

Age of Innocence
Wish I could go back to those wonderful days

Girl in Translation
moving from a tropical country to the US, that was a change!

The Hurried Child
considering i had 2 children by the age of 17

Angry Housewives
A long beautiful marriage turns sour - I really thought we would make it to old age

A Secret Affair
3 years having an affair with a person whom I thought was my soulmate..haaaaaa (joke was on me, I was just the other woman)

One Thing's For Sure: Life is Uncertain
I still have so much to do in the years I have left...I feel I am beginning all over again, starting back at one...


Week 13 is over and March is too!

Going, going, gone!!

March is gone and how fast was that?

With week 13 over, analyzing what I accomplished and all I have to say is...I am so proud of me!

11.50 hours of Overtime

Decorated for Easter at work and it was a success

Everything is getting paid for little by little.

Work is really getting better, my hard work and ideas are beginning to make an impact with my co-workers and even upper management.

Son is doing great in school, doing sports, homework, I am so proud of him, little dude really stepped up to the plate!

Daughter bought her first car, how cool is that?

More organized than I used to be with my affairs this days.
I plan my week ahead, things I am going to do, things that need to get done and it works out much better.  I write everything down and that also helps me keep grounded and leveled, when I feel I haven't done much or haven't accomplished as much I would have liked to I only have to look back at my notebook from work, and my agenda and realize how much…