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and it gets better

All that is needed is a bit of faith and hope.

Happy and better days.

Day two of meditation and what a marvelous difference it has made.

Peace with me and within me.

I should have never stopped but now I know better.

Mothers day is approaching, I never ask for certain gifts but this time around I did ask for something.  A Chromebook

I have a wonderful computer at home, and an alright phone that needs to be replaced ASAP, but I need something that I can take with me everywhere I go for various reasons (easy access).

Already told the daughter to call the father and the other daughter so the mother can get what she wants and deserves *grins wide* of course I also wanted to throw in a phone in the entire process but I can give myself that gift just to make it easier on them.

In other news...
The company I work for is moving, relocating to a new building, so many rules and restrictions just because is a new place (and they spent over a million dollars on it).
They wanted to do away with the printers having only one for the entire floor and we will all be connected to it just because they want to save money on ink...really?
No more computers in the classrooms, we are not even allowed to have a desk either, we are going to be given a cubicle, but that is unreal to me, there is no way I am going to be on my feet from 8:30 am - 2:30 pm, I am glamorous girl at work and always wearing my heels, I already told the CEO he is going to have to find a way around certain rules for me, of course he laughed but I know deep inside he took it serious.
Another thing I am freaking out about....
no more SecondLife during the day, HAAA!! no computer in the lab means no SL!! we will see about that, there is always a way around and I am going to figure it out.

For now I am not stressing what is going to happen in a few weeks, I am concentrating on today :)

One day at a time.

Sincerely Yours


Anna May said…
I think you deserve a Chromebook as well, and hope your daughters can finagle that for you.

So glad that meditation is giving you a better sense of peace, I am trying it for myself, just to shut down my every running mind lol
st said…
There is usually a way around rules. Good luck with that one. Hope you get the Chromebook. You have the right idea, getting our request in early. Hope it works out for ya.
Desireous said…
I've found meditation and hypnosis really make a huge difference in my life! Glad you are using it to improve yours as well!
Hedone said…
Keep taking care of you.


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