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And they have the nerves to ask me why?

I don't know if it is just me...maybe I am not been clear enough, I have no idea of what is going on with the dating world, seriously, it might be me, I am starting to think I am the one with the problem here.

Maybe guys are having their own issues with women as well, would be nice to talk to a guy who is having the same problems I am or worse ones *grins*, although I have heard from dudes that girls nowadays are gold diggers (LOL)

I am not dating but I am trying to, unfortunately I don't make it to the meeting part and some wonder why.


*WARNING - This may get a bit getto*

You see my pics in my profile but that is not enough, as soon as the texting starts this is the kind of shit I have to deal with:

"you have any sexy pics in your phone?"

"nope, I lost my phone once and will not take those type of pics, don't want the evidence"

"I know you do, come on, send me a pic, or take one now"

"you seen pics of me in my profile"

"yes, but how do I know it is you?"

"ok, will send a pic over" **text the pic**

"you must have some sexy pics in there, or just take one now for me"

"I just sent you a pic of me"

"yes, but I want to see a sexy pic"

I don't reply back and just ignore any texts coming through

If what you want to see is sexy pics, my man I suggest you get a subscription to Playboy!
Can a man/guy have a nice a conversation at first, try to get to know the person, likes, dislikes, but of course since we are living in a world where sex is what most people are looking for, getting laid is the in thing...I feel as if I am living the 80's all over again!

I am sick of the same thing, same games, no originality on their behalf at all.  
I hate when some dudes start out with "I'll take you shopping", unlike many of the girls/women around my area I am not into who is going to take me shopping or how much he can spend on me either, I don't pity fuck anyone because of some cloth or shoes he is buying me, if you feel the need that you have to offer me your credit card for me to like you, well buddy you are parked on the wrong tree.

A guy said to me that he will pick me up, we can go for a drive and maybe we can find a perfect place to park and we can fuck ...
put his ass on blast!
I told him when we first started talking how long it has been for me, and that the first time I wanted it to be special, unfortunately for him special is getting laid in his car...fucking classic!!

No, I don't have a problem fucking in a car, or on top of it for that matter, I've done it but for the first time? NOPE!

I was texting with a guy back and forth, I thought there was a potential meeting in the works until all he was sending me was cock pics and asking me for pics, what a turn off.

It is just crazy when I go quiet and don't reply back to their texts and they wonder why.  If a girl says no the first time, second time, even a third time, why the hell a guy feels he must put pressure on her to do my case the fucking pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i am so heated)
If i say NO, no pics, I am not texting you naked pics, pics of my tits, ass, pussy, etc., then don't keep asking!

I swear writing this post is messing with my blood pressure.

The guys that are been put on my path are not even close to what I am hoping for.  Sad how I start to ignore them and they wonder why.  I do hope some have the rationality and the common sense to go back and read the text messages, they probably will find the answer there...I can't get over the fact that they still have the nerves to ask me why am I ignoring them.

Sincerely Yours


Fondles said…
I'm sorry that I'm sitting here laughing. it is a horrible horrible thing, online dating.

I've tried chatting with blokes i meet online and i've NEVER gotten far enough to actually go out and meet any of them. Well, except one fella who it turns out had a gazillion mutual friends with me.

but we're just friends, cos he don't rock my boat. Pity, cos he's kinda a nice guy. Soft, but nice.

Wishing you better luck tomorrow...
AtiyaLuv said…
my problem is that I am sexually frustrated and I just can't give my coochy to anyone...I want to find a guy I like and is as sane/crazy as I am..and no need to be sorry LOL, i read it today and couldn't help but laugh too!

thank you Fondles
Tom said…
Sounds like that asshole was just looking for wank material. Seriously, he can't find a picture of a naked woman online? As for the "I'll take you shopping" guys, they would be better off just hiring prostitutes. :P
AtiyaLuv said…
Tom, that is exactly what I thought about the pics!...
thanks :)


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